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Fish and Chips

We never made a home made fish and chips , we usually just bought frozen fish and fries .. LOL , but this time , i don’t know what comes to my mind , i put fish and chips on my menu . My husband was thrilled and said let’s just make it tonight , right after we did the grocery shopping . I ended up using tilapia , any other kind of fish would be okay to use , as long as it’s white , such as cod fish , or halibut . The tilapia that i used was pretty good though . While i made the fish , my husband handled the chips , in other words , it’s the fries . The brits call it chips i don’t really know why ..


For the fish , you need :

about 2 lbs of white fish , tilapia , cod , halibut ..sliced in angle

2 cups of rice flour

1 tbsp. of baking powder

Almost 1 tbsp. of salt , don’t put 1 tbsp. full it will be too salty

1/2 tsp. of black pepper

12 oz of lemon lime sparking water ,  or more , the batter should be like heavy cream consistency , if you think your batter is too thick add more soda water

1 large egg

oil for frying

In a large bowl , mix the flour , salt pepper and baking powder . Then mix the soda water with large beaten egg , and pour slowly into the flour mixture , whisk until it becomes very smooth . The batter should be thick , like a heavy cream consistency , if it’s too thick , then add more soda water , i used more soda water .

In a large plate , add more rice flour , then dredge the fish on the rice flour , and then dip them into the batter , and deep fry for about 3 minutes on each side .

For the chips , you need :

4 large white potatoes

oil for frying

Slice the potatoes into french fries style , then soak the potatoes in a water for an hour , replace the water after half an hour . Then heat up oil , in a low heat , drop the potatoes in , cook until it’s soft but not too soft . Take them out , let it dry for a little bit , then turn the heat up , and cook on high ,drop them back into the high heat oil , and cook until they’re crispy . Take them out , and sprinkle with salt and pepper , shake them , served with the fish .

Lemon Garlic Chicken w/ Angel Pasta Hair

Made this dish last night for our dinner , and if you are a garlic lover like me , i think you’ll approve of this dish . So yummy , i have to admit , it’s a little bit on a heavier side though .You can always remove the skin or using chicken breasts , it’s your choice , but i did it with chicken thighs because it has the best flavour in my opinion , and for a longer cooking , they do very well . You will need tons of garlic , i used 2 heads of garlic , probably about 20-30 cloves of garlic , Don’t be surprised you need that much garlic because it will release its sweetness when cooked for a while .I serve this with angel hair pasta , but you can always use white rice too , it should be yummy as well .


You need :


1 tbsp. of essence of emeril

salt and pepper

6 chicken thighs

Sprinkle chicken thighs with salt and pepper , then mix the flour with essence , and dredge the chicken thighs on the flour . Heat oil on a skillet , then brown the chicken 4-5 minutes on each side , Set side .

2 heads of garlic , about 20-30 cloves , peel and smash

1 1/2 large onion , thinly sliced

1 bay leaves

2 tsp. red pepper flakes

1/2 cup of lemon juice

1 1/2 cup of chicken broth

In the same skillet , add the sliced onions , cook about 3 minutes , then add the garlic , thyme and red pepper , cook it for a minute . Then add lemon juice and chicken broth , bring to boil , add the chicken in , and let it simmer for 30 minutes or so until the chicken is done . Serve with pasta or rice .

Mexican Sweet Bread ( Conchas )

Never had these bread before , but i was in the mood of baking , looking through my books , i’ve done quite a bit for bread , and this time i need something different , something new , ones i haven’t tried yet . Although my husband insisted that he’s missing my parker house rolls , but i decided , trying to bake something new . I came across to Mexican Sweet Bread , i didn’t see these bread a lot back in Indiana , but i’ve seen these bread in most grocery stores down here in Texas .

These breads actually isn’t hard to make , i just used mixer to mix the first half of the flour to hold up its shape and kneaded it manually . Didn’t take long to make , except for waiting them to rise , which is always the case in most bread recipes anyway . They’re incredibly soft , and the topping gives the sweet crunchy taste that the bread needed . It is also fun making this , because you can decorate to your preference .

You need :

2 1/2 tsp. of dry yeast

1/2 cup of warm water

1/2 cup of evaporated milk

3/8 cup of sugar

pinch of salt

1 egg

1/3 cup of butter

3-4 cups of flour

These are the ingredients for the bread . Mix the yeast and water , stir well , let it sit for 5 minutes. Then add the evaporated milk , sugar , melted butter , and egg and pinch of salt . Use handheld mixer , mix this together then add about 2 cups of the flour , mix well . Add little at a time more flour until the dough isn’t too sticky , around the bowl , but you don’t want to add all the flour because it might be too much and your bread will be dry . Once it’s elastic enough , take it out from the bowl , adding more flour as needed on the counter , and knead the dough for 8 minutes . Then put it in a greased large bowl , and cover with plastic . in a warm place . It should double in size .

For the topping :

1/2 cup of butter , softened

2/3 cup of sugar

1 cup of flour

2 tsp. vanilla

In a medium bowl , beat sugar and butter together until light and fluffy , and then add flour little at a time . The mixture should become pasty , set aside .

After 1 hour , the bread dough should rise , and take it out from the bowl , and let it rest for 5 minutes before handling them . Then cut into 20 equal size balls , and place them in the parchment paper lined cookie sheet , and then divide the topping into 20 small balls , and flatten it out and place them on top of each ball , then flat the bread and topping lightly with your palm . Then using knife , cut the decorations on it . Do the same with the rest ,  Bake at 375 F , about 15 minutes or so .

Mac and Cheese Stuffed Poblanos

Few weeks ago when i was watching this food talk show on tv , i ran across something that caught my attention . I am not a mac and cheese person , i never grew up eating those kind of things .. even when i moved here and don’t get me wrong , i like cheese , but it’s not on my top of the list . Especially macaroni and cheese , i would be just fine without it . Well , my son likes mac and cheese , he loves the instant mac and cheese , and he loves the home made mac and cheese , although i don’t make mac and cheese that often , he doesn’t eat the instant ones that often either , but he would ask me a lot of time when we’re at the grocery store , if he could get it . I said no a lot of the time , i don’t like him eating too much junk stuff like that , but once in a while it’s okay .

So , i mentioned that i made mac and cheese home made before , few times , and every single recipes that i used , i couldn’t care less about eating it , a lot of the time it’s too cheesy and i just can’t eat something with too much cheese . But today , it’s different .. it didn’t require all fancy cheese such as gruyere cheese .. like i did before . But just used monterey jack cheese .. and super easy and didn’t take time .. and this is the taste of mac and cheese that i can deal with . I had it for dinner !! Normally when i make mac and cheese , i don’t eat them ! But this time , i did !! So here goes ..

You need  :(PS: if you don’t have poblanos , you can just use ramekins and it’ll be fine too that way )

8 poblano peppers

1 large onion , sliced thin

8 oz of elbow macaroni

1 heaping tbsp. of all purpose flour

2 cups of milk

1 chicken bouiillon cube

1/2 tsp. smoked paprika

2 cups of shred monterey jack cheese

1 cup of crumbled cornbread

salt to taste

1. Preheat your broiler , then rub your poblanos with some olive oil evenly , then place it on a baking sheet under the broiler for a total of 10 minutes . Rotate the peppers so it will blister all over . Take it out when it’s done evenly , let it cool for few minutes , then peel off the blister while it’s still slightly warm , and then let it totally cool before make a slit on the pepper .

2. Once it’s cool , slit the pepper and take out the seed and the veins inside carefully , you want the pepper be able to hold the mac and cheese , so it’s like a boat for the mac and cheese .Place on the parchment paper .

3. In a skillet , cook the sliced onion until caramelized , about 16-20 minutes , medium low heat .Meanwhile cook the elbow macaroni according to the direction , then drain . Set aside .

4. When the onion is done caramelizing , add 1 tbsp. of all purpose flour and cook for a minute to get rid of the rawness and then using a whisk , add your 2 cups of milk , and keep whisking until there is no lumps , then add your bouillon cube , paprika and salt  and then it should get thicker about 4-5 minutes . Then add 2 cups of monterey jack cheese and stir well until it’s melted . Then add your elbow macaroni .Adjust your salt

5. Scoop few tbsp. into the poblano peppers , and then sprinkle with crumbles cornbread and bake for 10 minutes at 350 F .

Pasta All’Amatriciana and Garlic Bread

Pasta all’amatriciana is a must try for everyone !! It’s super easy and delicious . I used thick cut bacon in replace for guanciale , i guess you can always use prosciutto too . They’re a little expensive compared to bacon , i decided to use thick cut bacon . This pasta dish also requires very little ingredients , just 2 cans of tomatoes and onion , and that’s it . The only down side is that it takes about an hour just to let the sauce cook and blends the taste really well , but that’s about it .. you don’t need to do anything else , but just wait and stir the sauce occasionally .

You need :

about 4-6 oz of guanciale , prosciutto , or thick cut bacon

2 large onion , roughly chopped

3 tsp. garlic , minced

2 tsp.  of red pepper flakes

2 ( 28 oz ) can whole peeled tomatoes , just mash the tomatoes with your hand before cooking it with the rest of the juice

1 lb of pasta , i used linguine

chopped fresh parsley

parmesan cheese , optional

1. In a large pot / skillet , cook the bacon / guanciale , until it’s brown and crispy , then remove 3/4 of the rendered fat , then remove and reserve about 1/3 of the bacon .

2. Add the chopped onion and red pepper flakes , cook until it’s transclusent and light brown . Then add the garlic , cook about a minute , then add the tomatoes and its juice . Bring to boil , and simmer for an hour for the flavour to blend .

3. Cook the pasta , then drain and start mixing the sauce with the pasta , don’t over flood the pasta with the sauce too much , just add a little at a time .Serve with sprinkle of chopped parsley , freshly grated parmesan cheese and sprinkle of the reserved bacon .

For the Garlic Bread , you need : 

a loaf of french bread

4 cloves of chopped garlic

3 tbsp. of butter

2 tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil

chopped parsley

1. Mix the butter , oil , and garlic , melt the butter in the skillet , becareful because the garlic is easily burnt .

2. Put the split french bread under the broiler , for a minute or two , watch it because it’s also easily burnt .

3. Brush the french bread with the garlic butter , then serve .

Black Sticky Rice Pudding ( Bubur Ketan Hitam )

Black sticky rice is another traditional snack from Indonesia . As you all know , rice is the main staple in their diet , and they eat a rice basically everyday , in every meal . Not to mention their snack could be made from rice too . From my previous entry i have posted recipe for roasted soy powder sticky rice , and also sticky rice with coconut milk .

This time we’re talking about wild sweet rice , or you can call it black sticky rice . They don’t sell this in regular grocery store , they sell this in asian market . And you should be able to see this sold in the rice aisle , and it is black , just like the regular sticky rice ( or sweet rice ) , short grain rice , not long grain rice . With this kind of rice you want to make sure you let it soak overnight , or else they’ll take forever to cook and they would be hard .

Black sticky rice pudding is sweet pudding that is served with coconut milk in a bowl , you can serve this warm or at room temperature . Make sure you store your coconut milk in the fridge when you don’t use the rest of it , because they can get bad really quick .

You need :

About 250 grams of black sticky / sweet rice

1000 cc ( 1 litre ) of water

palm sugar or light brown sugar

pinch of salt

coconut milk

pandan leaves

1. Soak the rice overnight , in a medium bowl , with enough water , if you put too little water , water will be all soaked by the next day , make sure you cover the rice enough with the water .

2. When you’re ready to cook the rice , drain the rice , discard the water , and put the rice in a medium pot , with 1 litre of water .

3. Bring the water and rice to boil , then bring it down to low heat and stirring occasionally so the rice don’t stick on the bottom .Cook until the water is absorbed and the rice is really tender about 40-45 minutes , if the rice isn’t tender and the water is already gone , add 1 more cup of water .

4. Warm up the coconut milk . Place the black rice in a bowl , then add little bit of coconut milk . And serve .

Swedish Meatballs

We all like Ikea Swedish Meatballs , don’t we ?? My 7 years old son is a fan of their meatballs , although we don’t go there often , but once in a while when we go there shopping , we always make time to stop by their food court to have one and only swedish meatballs . My 7 years complains often because kids meal , only has 5 meatballs and we know their meatballs are tiny , small .. So , in my attempt to make my son happy and to surprise him , i tried making our own swedish meatballs . And the result is good , more than good , it’s great .Super easy , not exactly quick , unless you have a big electric skillet . I used 2 lbs of meat , and it makes quite a bit , probably about 50 small meatballs , if you make them Ikea size , you will get more meatballs . So , anyway , enjoy this delicious meatballs !! They’re not hard to make at all , just takes a little time .

For the meatballs , you need :

1 cup of chopped red onion

1 lb of ground beef , extra lean 96%

1 lb of ground pork

1 1/4 cup of plain bread crumbs

3/4 cup of milk

1 beaten egg

almost 1/2 tsp. of ground allspice

1/8 tsp. of ground nutmeg

1 3/4 tsp. of salt

1/2 tsp. of black pepper

1. Heat vegetable oil on a skillet , then cook the chopped onion for about 5-6 minutes . Set aside , let it cool in a large bowl .

2. While the onion cools , mix the breadcrumbs with milk , let it sit for 5 minutes .

3. Add the ground beef and ground pork , beaten egg , about 1 3/4 tsp. of salt  1/2 tsp. black pepper , ground nutmeg and ground allspice , bread crumbs , to the bowl , with the cooked onion . Mix with your hands well . Using 1 tbsp. make into a ball .

4. Return to the skillet , with a drop of oil , ( or butter , i prefer oil ) , cook about 5-6 minutes total , shake the skillet often to cook the  meatballs .Do in batches , and while you cook the rest , place the cooked meatballs in the 200 F oven .

Now , let’s move on to the gravy

1/2 c. of chopped onion

6 tbsp.all purpose flour

4 cups of beef broth

splash of heavy cream

1/4 c.of currant jelly

In the same skillet you use for the meatballs , cook onion about 4 minutes , then add the flour , cook about 2 minutes to take the rawness out . Then add beef broth a little at a time , while whisking , you want to whisk non stop , or else it will get lumpy . After few minutes , it should thicken , and then add a splash of heavy cream in there , keep whisking , then add 1/4 cup of red currant jelly . Then return the meatballs into the skillet with its gravy and let it simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes . Serve with mashed potatoes and red currant jelly and cucumber salad .



Cucumber Salad ( Indonesian Acar Timun )


Cucumber salad is like a condiment in Indonesia , it is called Acar Timun , it’s very refreshing and super easy to make them . They are eaten with fried noodles , fried rice , mixed rice , etc .. So many dishes you can eat with this cucumber salad . Though you don’t eat this by itself , as refreshing as it is , i hardly found anybody eating this by itself .. I guess you can .. but normally , we eat this along side other dish .


You need :

2-3 large cucumber , peeled and remove the seeds and sliced thinly .

white vinegar, about 2 splash onto the bowl with cucumber slices

sugar , about 3 tbsp , depending how sweet you want it too , it is supposed to be sweet and sour

1/2 tsp. of salt , or you can skip this too , it’ll be fine .

1 shallots or 1/4 cup of red onion

The cucumber salad is supposed to be sweet and sour , the sourness you will get from the vinegar , and the sweetness will be from sugar , if you don’t add any sugar it’ll be way too sour to be eaten . So try and taste it , if you want to start with 1 tbsp. sugar it’ll be fine , some people like it more sour than sweet , i like it well balanced .

Rissoles with Ragout Filling ( Risoles isi Ragout )

When i was younger , me and my dad or my mom often stopped by to this shop that sells all kind of traditional snack . And one of their favourite was Risoles , it’s similar to Lumpia , it has the same shape , the same step to make them , but has a different filling . And on top of that it needs to be deep fried , a very quick time to deep fry these snack . The filing is ragout filling , it has chicken , carrots , green beans , eggs , sometimes potato , depending on what you want . My recipe here only uses chicken and carrots . The filling itself is really yummy , if you ever had chicken pot pie , it’s pretty close to that , except doesn’t take as long as chicken pot pie . I made the ragout filling pretty easy and quick , i also used ground chicken breast to cut my time , and you can always use food processor to chopped your carrots . Then you should be ready to eat it . These rissoles are very popular in Indonesia , even though if you google it , every country in Europe has their own version of rissoles , meaning , the fillings is different from one country to another . Although for me , i couldn’t imagine having a different fillings than chicken , carrot or eggs in there . You can serve this as it is , or you can eat it with bird eye chili . Delicious !!

For the wrapper , you need :

250 grams of all purpose flour

2 large eggs

pinch of salt

100 grams of melted margarine

400 ml of water

2 large eggs and 1 tbsp.water


In a large bowl , make a well in the center of the flour , then add your eggs , start whisking , then add melted butter , and whisk . Then add your water a little bit at a time , and keep whisking until it’s smooth . The consistency of the batter will be very runny and you want it that way , it’s not supposed to be thick . In a small non stick skillet , add just a little bit of oil , then wipe it all over with paper towel , heat up over medium low heat , then add the 1/4 cup of the batter , and swirl around the skillet , cook about 1 minute on each side , Set aside , while you prepare ragout filling .


Cook , 1 minute on each side on med low heat , once it’s done , set aside on parchment paper , only pile them up after they cool off .



Wrap ragout filing , then set it aside .


This is your working station , line them up in order , your risoles , egg wash and bread crumbs , then skillet with heated oil . Dip in egg , roll in breadcrumbs , fry in oil .



Watch it carefully , they brown really quick , and turn it over once they reach the color in the picture . It takes less than 1 minute .



For the filling , you need :

3/4 lbs of ground chicken

1 large carrot ( i got this from asian market so it’s huge , unlike the small carrot you usually get from US grocery store )


1 chicken boiullon cube


about 4-5 tbsp. of all purpose flour

2 shallots

In a large skillet , heat the vegetable oil , add shallots and green onion , then add carrots , cook for few minutes , then add ground chicken , and cook 5 minutes , then add all purpose flour , cook about 2 minutes , and then add chicken boiullon cube , nutmeg and little bit of sugar , and pepper , mix well . Use your whisk , add the water a little bit at a time to make it thick  ,( like roux ) . Cook few minutes then shut the heat off .Let it cool .

To assemble risoles :

Once everything is cool , let’s wrap it . Lay the wrapper , then add about 1-2tbsp. of the filling , then wrap them like you wrap lumpia . Then using flour mix with water ( should be very thick consistency ) , use it as a glue when you’re done wrapping / rolling them . Then dip it in the beaten egg , and then roll it on the breadcrumbs . Deep fry , please watch it because it turns brown VERY QUICKLY , probably about 10-20 seconds , ( heat on low ) turn the risoles , do the same on the other side .


Spaghetti Bolognese

Made this Bolognese sauce this evening for our dinner , and turned out really delicious ! Although it took a little time , probably about 1.5 hours in total of cooking and prep , it really is worth it !!! My family and i love pasta , and it’s been a while since we had a good pasta dish , glad i made this tonight !!

Oh , and i wanted to mentioned about tomato paste in tube that i found at the local grocery store earlier . Back in Indiana i couldn’t find this tomato paste in tube and as a result , each time i cook something that requires tomato paste , i had to get them in a can , and if i only used 2 tbsp. of 1 tsp. the rest usually just go straight to the garbage can . It is such a waste !!I have been trying to look for tomato paste in a tube , from watching food show i know they’re available , but i guess wasn’t in my area at the time . So , when i saw that earlier , i was excited and i bought it !! It cost me a little over $2.00 ..

So anyway , why did i mention tomato paste ? Because you’re doing to need it if you want to make this bolognese !

You need :

4 slices of bacon

2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

about 3/4 cup of diced carrot

about 3/4 cup of celery

1 1/2 cup of onion, chopped

3 garlic cloves , minced

4-5 large fresh shiitake mushroom , diced

1 lb of extra lean ground beef ( 96%)

1/2 lb of ground pork sausage

3 tbsp. of tomato paste

2 bay leaves

2 tsp. sugar

1/4 tsp. of dried oregano

1 cup of good red wine

28 oz can crushed tomatoes

14.5 oz can of tomato sauce

1 cup of beef broth

1. In a large pot , heat the olive oil , add your bacon , cook about 4-5 minutes until fat is rendered . And then add in the celery , carrot , and onion , shiitake mushroom, cook for about 5 minutes .

2. Add the garlic , bay leaves and oregano , sugar , cook for about 30 seconds . Add the beef and pork , cook for about 5 minutes until no longer pink . Then add tomato paste and cook for about 2-3 minutes .

3. Add red wine , and cook until liquid has evaporated , and leaving about half liquid on the pot .

4. Add the crushed tomatoes , tomato sauce and also the beef broth . Bring to boil , then simmer for 1 hour at least .

5. Serve with spaghetti , cook according to direction , don’t overcook . Sprinkle some parmesan if u have on hand and fresh parsley .



Fermented Cassava ( Cake )

Cassava is a staple in asian country , mostly Southeast Asia , they’re full of carb , just like rice was also staple in asia . Cassava is also called yucca , here in United States , you will find cassava sold with name as Yucca Root . Back where i came from , we did a lot of things with cassava , we steamed them , boiled them , deep fried , etc .

One of the most popular snack that we get from cassava is fermented cassava . Don’t worry .. don’t think just because it’s being fermented it’s going to taste nasty . Look Kimchi , it’s fermented cabbage and they’re delicious too . But this is nowhere close to kimchi .. LOL .. This is better than kimchi 😀 Fermented Cassava is not hard to make , it takes time for it to ferment , but that’s about it ..  no special thing to do with it , except waiting .

First though , you want to make sure that you have the special yeast that they sell in mostly asian market , the regular grocery store in US don’t carry this particular yeast that we need to make fermented cassava . This is the yeast, it’s called rice yeast , or sweet yeast .

Then you need to get the cassava from the store , here in Texas , i can find Cassava easily , to make the process faster and easier for you , you can always get frozen cassava from grocery store , i used the fresh cassava . The only down thing about fresh cassava is that you need to peel the waxy skin that it has , they’re hard and somehow slippey too . Those skin are very tough !! I got about 1 lb of cassava , then once you peel them , wash and then boil in water or steam ( steaming is a better method ) , maybe about 15 or so minutes , or until you can easily poke a knife through it , then it’s done , just don’t overcook it . One thing you must remember about cassava : Cook cassava properly and do not undercook it , because it can be toxin to your body ! So make sure you cook it right , and done !! Once  it’s done , you should let it sit to cool off totally  , because you will have to rub the yeast all over the cassava .

For the yeast , you will need 1 tablet of the yeast and pound them so that they will become powdery , then sprinkle / rub all over the cassava that’s been cooled . It’s best if you have banana leaves to wrap the cassava before placing them in the container . Cover and wrap with banana leaves , but if you don’t have them , it’ll work too . I’ve done this before without banana leaves , and i stored them in a container in the oven with light on , it took about 4-5 days to ferment . But the 2nd time i am making it , i wrapped it with banana leaves and stored it in container in the garage , the warmest and most humid area in our house . It took 2-3 days to ferment .

By 3-5 days, your cassava should be done , and when you poke a fork through it , it should be soft , and taste sweet . The yeast helps to turn the carb , into glucose , that’s why it is sweet .

I let mine sit for 4 days and it turns out really soft and sweet already .

edited : i made it the 2nd time with banana leaves and left the container in the garage and it took 2-3 days to ferment . By second day the cassava already smells so good !! But i waited til 3 days to open it .


edited : April , 28th , 2013 , these are the cassava , already done fermenting for 3 days .


Now that  you have fermented cassava , you can chill it in the fridge , it tastes a lot better when it’s been chilled . It is okay to consume them just like that too , but i prefer mine to be chilled .

And if you’ve made plenty , you can always use them to make a cake from it too . Yes , it will become cake tape , or fermented cassava cake . This is delicious too . My mom used to make this a lot when i was younger , although she didn’t make the fermented cassava herself since it’s widely available over there , i always remember how yummy the cake was , it was always one of my favourite . By now it’s been over 13 years since i ate them . I used to help my mom to bake this , though back then , i was only a helper , not someone who’s willing to learn to cook or bake . But anyway .. again .. mom would have smiling looking down at me .. watching me making fermented cassava and turned it into a cake . This one is for you mom …

cake tape


You need :

About 300 grams of tape ( fermented cassava )

50 ml. of sweetened condensed milk

Place these 2 ingredients in a food processor , and pulse few times . Set aside .

4 large eggs

2 egg yolks

180 grams of sugar

In a large bowl , beat the eggs and then add the sugar a little at a time . Beat them together until becomes thick , the egg mixture will change color to very pale yellow instead of bright yellow or orange . About 5 minutes , high speed with your mixer . Once it’s done , add 1 tsp. of vanilla extract , and the cassava and milk mixture that you put aside earlier . Mix slowly with your mixer until it’s combined well .

1 stick and 3 tbsp. unsalted butter , melted .

Add the melted butter into the mixture , mix well .Last but not least

175 grams of all purpose flour

1 tsp. baking powder

pinch of salt

Add the flour , baking powder and salt into the cassava , egg mixture , and beat until it’s combined .Bake at 350 F for about 50 minutes to an hour . Check if it’s done with a toothpick inserted , it should be clean when the cake is done baking .This cake can be served right away or you can wait til the next day , it should taste better after sitting for a day . Just like zucchini bread or banana bread .



The Wonderful World of EGGS

Eggs !! They’re healthy , nutritious and delicious ! I know it can get boring when you have eggs the same way over and over and over , but you can do many different things with eggs for breakfast or for lunch . I know in baking , eggs are a must , but what can we do differently with eggs for a quick fix ?? Here i have some ideas for all of you , what to do with your eggs . I serve eggs basically every morning for my son and or my husband . It is proven that eggs are very nutritious , and also that breakfast is a very important meal of the day .. So here it goes ..

First .. Soft Boiled or Hard Boiled EGGS ..

I only have picture posted for soft boiled eggs .. how do we make soft boiled eggs ?

– As always , bring water to boil , doesn’t need to be rolling boil , once you see tiny little bubbles coming out , drop your eggs SLOWLY into the pot using slotted spoon . Then turn the heat off , and cover the pot with a lid , time it , for about 8-9 minutes . Depending how runny you’d like your eggs to be , i like it quite runny in the middle but i still like my white quite solid , so i would leave it about 8 or 9 minutes . No less than 8 and no more than 9 . Once it’s done , run it under cold water to stop the cooking process , and serve it with toast . Tap the top of the egg with small spoon , and peel it off , sprinkle with little salt , and start eating it . The egg white should be jiggly but not too solid .

– Hard boiled eggs ,for this one , like soft boiled eggs , bring water to boil , once it boiled , drop the eggs slowly in there with slotted spoon , DO NOT turn the heat off , turn the heat down to medium low , then keep boiling it for 12 minutes . No more than 12 minutes , you can do that less than 12 , such as 10 minutes , you will see the yolks not too solid but won’t runny either when it’s done . I like it that way too , i don’t really care for a hard boiled eggs . They’re a bit boring to me . You can serve this by spreading a little butter on top after peeling and cut into half , and then sprinkle with salt and pepper . Or you can make a white sauce , to serve the eggs with toast . How do we make the white sauce ? it’s also called Bechamel Sauce ..

Bechamel Sauce :

  • 5 tablespoons butter
  • 4 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 4 cups milk
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg

In a small skillet or pot , melt the butter , add the flour , whisk , for a minute or two , then add milk a little at a time while whisking to prevent lumps , then add salt and nutmeg , the sauce should thicken when it gets warm .

Second , Omelette ( plain or with fillings )

– For just 1 person’s serving , i would use 2 large eggs only , and add little splash of water or milk . And chopped some veggies , whatever you have on hand , red pepper , green pepper , mushroom , onion , carrot , celery , etc .. whatever you have on hand , it’s not limited only with veggies i mentioned here , like i said whatever you have .. use it . I would cook the veggies first then i would add it to the omelette as i cook . To cook an omelette , grease the skillet , don’t load it with oil , just enough to cover the surface so it won’t stick , then beat the eggs with water , and pour the mixture when the skillet is heated , then let it sit for a minute or two , using spatula make sure it doesn’t stick around the edges . When it’s about done , add your fillings , and sprinkle with cheese , i used mozzarella . The cheese acts as the glue here , so if u don’t care for cheese , just add a little , no need to add too much , but if u like them , feel free to load it up . Lift one side to cover the filings with the cheese , slide it to the plate , and fold the other side into the center . Serve warm .

Third , Scrambled EGGS ,,

Everyone had scrambled eggs before , beat 2 eggs splash with water , add to the heated oiled skillet , and just cook it with spatula , you don’t need to careful with this as you cook omelette . You can add ham too .. or just plain , still making them scrambled and serve it on a croissant bun .

Fourth , Poached EGGS

How do you poach eggs ? Just in a small pot , add water , add few drops of vinegar , bring water to almost boil , when you start seeing the little tiny bubbles , get ready . Crack the eggs , place it in a small ramekins , and then swirl the water that’s about to boil , to make a whirlpool in the middle , then slide your cracked eggs into the middle of the whirpool . Let it cook for 4 minutes , and the egg yolk should oozes out when you cut it .Serve with toast or croissant bun, sprinkle with salt and pepper.. This is my son’s favourite egg breakfast

Fifth .. Baked EGGS in ramekins

I’ve posted about this before , so please click on here .

Sixth .. EGGS Salad

Also i have posted about this , click here




Fermented Sweet Rice

Sweet rice is also called sticky rice , sometimes it’s also called glutinous rice . In Indonesian , we call this Ketan , they’re rice , and they’re sticky , unlike regular white jasmine rice , sticky or sweet rice looks short grain rice . They come in 2 different color , white sweet rice and black sweet rice , although both are called sweet rice , they have a slightly different taste . When i was small , we saw a lot of street vendor selling tape ketan , what is exactly tape ketan ? It is sweet rice that has been cooked , and then sprinkled with special yeast ( ragi tape ) , and then let it ferment in an airtight container , in a warm area for at least 2 days . It will produce rice wine after few days , but do not want to let it ferment too long , or it’ll have bitter and vinegary taste .

You need :

2 cups of sweet rice

3 1/2 cups of water

1 tablet of tape yeast

5 tablespoon of sugar

1. Cook your sweet rice , by letting it soak for an hour , then cook them in 3 1/2 cup of water , bring to boil , then with the lid askew , simmer for 10 minutes . Then remove from the heat and let it sit for 15 minutes . Cool completely before moving to the next step .

2. Pound the tablet until it becomes powdery , mix with the sugar , and then sprinkle this to the cooked rice .

3. Close the lid , make sure it’s stored in air tight container , and place in a warm place for about 2 days , then once it’s done it should have strong alcoholic smell , refrigerate and it should be ready to be served when it’s chilled .

Soybean Paste and Vegetable Soup ( Doenjang Jjigae ) with Kongnamul Muchim

This is another korean dish , it’s delicious and healthy ! All the vegetables and food source of protein , what more you could ask ? To my surprised i actually enjoy this dish better than the soft tofu stew , in my opinion , this has the oomph factor compared to the other kind of soup . I like both of them but i prefer this better . All you need is just basic vegetables , most household should have this such as potatoes , onion , garlic .. etc ..

You need :

1 potato

1 zucchini

1 onion

about 5 fresh shiitake mushroom

10 dried anchovy

1/4 lb of shrimp , peeled and deveined

1 korean green pepper

2 green onions

5 cloves of garlic

1/4 cups and 1 tbsp. of fermented soybean paste

2 1/2 cups of water

1. In a pot , or if you have earthenware you can use it too , put the diced onion , diced potatoes , diced zucchini , minced garlic , green pepper , shiitake mushroom and anchovy  in the pot . Add about 2 to 2 1/2 cups of water , just enough to cover it .

2. Once it boils , keep boiling about 10 minutes , then add your soybean paste , and stir well til it’s mixed , cook for about 5 minutes , and then add your tofu , cook for 5 minutes , add the shrimps , cook about 2-3 minutes . Shrimp cooks very fast , always put them in the last minute . Then add your green onion . Serve with rice .


Perilla Leaves Kimchi

When i go to Korean Market i see leaves that are called Sesame Leaves , later on , i found out that they’re also called Perilla Leaves . So this morning when i went there i decided to buy them to try this particular recipe . They look like a giant mint leaves , when you touch them , they also feels like mint leaves , and from what i heard , they also have a minty taste . They are not cheap , they’re quite expensive , they put probably about 15 leaves in a bundle and they cost about $1.00 each , i ended up buying 6 bundles of them . So when i got home , i washed them and put them in a colander , shake off the rest of the water from my perilla leaves . These are perilla leaves .

So after washing the perilla leaves and making sure it’s dry , i made the kimchi paste . Just like the ones i used for green cabbage kimchi .

You need :

1/4 cup of carrots , matchsticks

1/4 cup of sliced onion

4 garlic cloves

1 green onion , chopped

1 tsp. honey or sugar

3 tbsp. of fish sauce

3 tbsp. of red pepper flakes

Mix these all together into a paste , and then rub every 2 leaves of the perilla leaves with the paste , until you use all the perilla leaves . Store in a container and refrigerate .



We made beef bulgogi tonight for dinner , and i used the perilla leaves to roll up the beef and rice together , they taste really yummy .

Or , do it like my husband did to his dinner .. it’s Fusion , Korean – American , by making a sandwich with the bulgogi and perilla leaves kimchi . There you have it !

Pear Crostata

The other day i ran across Bosc Pear at the grocery store , and it was on sale , super cheap !! It caught my eyes because they’re normally quite expensive and yesterday it was only 98 cents !! So i picked up about 4 pears and i thought .. this will be good for pear tart . But when i got home , i thought pear tart the right way is too much work , i don’t have time for it . Why couldn’t i make this as a crostata like the rustic apple tart i made the other day ? So there i was .. i decided , this is what i am going to do .. make it easy , yet delicious .. hopefully LOL .. Glad it turned out really yummy , in fact this tasted better than the apple tart in my opinion . This’ll be my go to recipe when i want to make something easy and quick and delicious !



You need :

3 Bosc Pear , peeled and cored , and sliced

1/4 cup of sugar

Place this mixture in a bowl , and gently toss the sugar with the pear , set aside .

For the pie crust , you can use the crust i posted in apple recipe , or this one below , this one would make slightly bigger crust . Either one has a good taste .

1 1/2 cup of all purpose flour

3 Tbsp. of sugar

10 Tbsp. of unsalted VERY COLD butter

3 Tbsp. of ice cold water

In a food processor , mix the flour , sugar and pinch of salt , and then add diced the cold butter , and pulse until you reach a coarse mixture , and then add the cold water while it’s still running . Pulse few more times until  it’s almost comes to a ball , don’t over pulse it , it’ll be tough crust . Remove and shape into a ball / disk and chill in the fridge for at least an hour .

When you’re ready to roll it out , lightly flour the surface then roll out your dough , to about 11 inch circle or rectangle whatever you want . Remove carefully into the parchment paper lined baking sheet , then add your pear mixture in the middle of the crust , leaving enough borders to fold towards the center , leaving the center pears exposed . Then beat an egg with few tbsp. of water , and brush the crust with the egg mixture , and sprinkle with more sugar . Bake at 400 F for 40 minutes . Serve warm or room temperature .


Ham , Egg and Provolone Croissant

This morning everyone was off work and school , everyone woke up a little bit late too . So , i asked what did they want to eat , they both said scrambled eggs . Well .. i thought they wanted something more than just scrambled eggs .. Then i remember that i had croissants that i bought yesterday , and they’re still very much fresh . I bought it yesterday to make a sandwich that i brought to my son’s school for him . So since everyone just wanted some scrambled eggs , i ended up making a croissant sandwich . It is super easy and everyone can make it with their eyes closed ( ha ! not really ) , even if you are not fond of cooking i can guarantee you can do this .

As long as you have some ham , eggs and cheese , you’re all set to go .

Beat about 5 eggs in the medium bowl , add little bit of milk or water , and then shred some ham in there and cheese , i happened to have provolone , if you have cheddar or mozzarella , it will work just fine .

Heat up oil in a large skillet , then add your egg ham mixture and cooked for few minutes to make scrambled eggs . Once it’s done, add some more cheese slices on the croissant and then add your scrambled egg ham mixture and you’re done !

Rustic Apple Tart

You can call it rustic apple  tart or apple crostata , whatever you want. I think they call it rustic because there is really no rule to fold it , doesn’t take much time , like any other pastry or pie stuff . Just dump the fruit , fold the dough and throw them in the oven . Very easy and simple !! Especially when you don’t have much time to spend during the day to make a yummy dessert , this would be a good choice . Just make the crust ahead of time though ,because it needs to chill for at least an hour , just like any other pie crust .You can serve this warm with vanilla ice cream or just serve it as it is . No problem !

You need for the crust : 

1 cup of all purpose flour

2 tbsp. of sugar

1/4 tsp. salt

1 stick of very cold unsalted butter , diced

2 tbsp. ice cold water

In a food processor , pulse the flour , sugar , salt together , then add the butter , pulse until coarse mixture reached , then add the cold water , pulse just until the dough comes together , don’t let it come together into a big ball . Remove , chill at least 1 hour .When you’re ready , roll your pie crust into 11 inch circle . Transfer to a parchment lined baking sheet . Prepare the apples

For the filling :

3 large granny smith apples , peeled , cut into 8 slices , then cut each slices into 3-4 pieces

grated lemon / orange zest

Mix this mixture together , and dump the apples in the middle of the crust . Leaving about 1 1/2 inch on the sides to be folded later on .

For the topping

1/4 cup of all purpose flour

1/4 tsp. of cinnamon

1/8 tsp. of all spice

1/4 cup of sugar

1/2 stick of unsalted cold butter , diced

Mix flour , cinnamon and spices and sugar together , then add the diced butter , pulse in a food processor until mixture becomes crumbly . Remove and put in a bowl , mix with your hand , then sprinkle on the apples . Fold the crust in , bake at 425 F , for about 20-25 minutes . Serve warm or at room temperature , top with ice cream of you like .


My sister’s Carrot Cake

I love carrot cake , i’ve made carrot cakes so many times and been searching for a great recipe . They’re all great recipe , but the best i can find , needed 3 sticks of butter not to mention the cream cheese icing . Now .. how unhealthy is that ? Carrot cake supposed to be healthy , carrot is the main ingredients !! So , it is really up to you , whether you can make it as healthy as you want or as fattening as you want ..

I prefer to make it a healthy snack or dessert , might as well .. because main ingredients is carrot ! Few years back i remember my mom made carrot cake , without the cream cheese icing , back then i was in jr.high .. i don’t think our area carried cream cheese to tell you the truth . So mom always made the cake without the icing , that’s probably why until now i don’t really care about icing .. frosting never really tempt me , i am happy with just the cake .

The same with this carrot cake , the recipe that my mom used was given by my sister who went to culinary school that time , and worked as a pastry chef . So .. couple of years ago , she gave the recipe to me , in a huge scale since she’s making it for the place she’s working .. i had to cut it divide it into 35 !! LOL .. yeah it was a huge recipe .. for a huge crowd .Today i finally got to try it .. and i must say that this cake is darn good !! It has the perfect amount of sweetness , not overly sweet like most carrot cakes are , and they’re moist .. don’t need to use butter at all . So from now on , this will be  my go to carrot cake recipe !!

I didn’t really decorate the cake that well ..all my equipments are still in the storage , and the place where i am staying right now , don’t have everything that i need to decorate the cake . But since my son asked me for a cake .. with icing .. this is the best i can do without all my baking tools . Instead of using round pan , i ended up using a loaf pan , still it works just fine , not as fancy though .

These are basically what you need :


300 gr. of sugar

225 gr. of all purpose flour

8 gr. of baking soda

3 gr. ground cinnamon

1.5 gr. ground all spice

188 ml. of eggs , about 4 large eggs

250 gr. of grated carrot

250 ml. of vegetable oil

2 tsp. of vanilla extract

1. In a large mixing bowl , beat the eggs and sugar until light and fluffy , then add the oil .

2. Add your flour , cinnamon , all spice , baking soda , pinch of salt , mix well . Add carrots in and vanilla extract .

3. Bake for 1 hour at 350 F .

For the cream cheese icing ( this is optional )

2 packages of cream cheese

2 cups of powdered sugar

1 stick of butter , softened

Make sure your cream cheese come to room temperature or else it will not be smooth icing . Then use your mixer , mix it with the softened butter . Then add your powdered sugar , mix well until it’s smooth .

Or you can make them into cupcakes like this :

carrot cupcakes



Sticky Rice

When i was younger , sticky rice was always there , part of dessert usually , or sometimes mid morning snack . My mom would come home from working out , stopped by at the ranch market and bought sticky with snack , sometimes it’s the one with roasted soy powder , and sometimes it’s the one with coconut milk , or sometimes , it’s like layered sticky rice with palm sugar .. etc .

Few weeks ago when i was making Gyung Dan , a traditional Korean dessert , i came across roasted soy powder , when i tried it , the soy powder tasted so familiar , and i couldn’t figure it out where did this taste comes from before ?? I knew it had to be some kind of traditional snack that i had when i was younger . For the life of me it took me forever to figure it out ..

Until i finally thought about this sticky rice .. then i remember .. Ketan Bubuk .. sticky rice with roasted soy powder !! So easy to make ..Now .. while i was thinking about Ketan Bubuk .. i also thought about the Thai Sticky Rice that i had the other night . I happened to have coconut milk on hand .. so there it goes .. i made thai sticky rice , without the mango .. normally that’s what the sticky rice served with , or in my case , the dessert i had at the restaurant was Sticky rice with Thai custard .. one of these days i will try to make the custard 🙂 Anyway .. here is my sticky rice snacks

For Thai Sticky Rice :

2 cups of sweet rice

3 1/2 cups of water

pinch of salt

1 can of good coconut milk

1/2 cup of light brown sugar , or palm sugar if you have

1. Soak the sweet rice in that 3 1/2 cups of rice , at least half an hour . Then turn the heat to medium , and cook until it’s boiling . When it boils , cover slighlty askew , for about 10 minutes . Simmer , then turn it off . Let is sit for 15 minutes .

2. In a small pot , heat up coconut milk with brown sugar , adjust the sweeteness to your taste . Just so you know , your sweet rice or sticky IS NOT sweet , so make sure the coconut milk is sweet enough .

3. To serve , place the sticky rice in a bowl , add the coconut milk , let it sit for 10 minutes until the the rice soak it all up .

For the Sticky rice with Roasted Soy Powder , you need :

Cooked sticky rice , prepared it like thai sticky rice recipe above .

Soy Powder ( got it from korean market ) , mixed with little sugar

Serve it , sprinkle soy powder on the sticky rice .