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Mustard Greens w/ chicken bites

When i was younger , my mom cooked this vegetable a lot . To the point where i complained a lot too .. 😀 They call this sawi hijau , and in my opinion , mustard greens are bitter , but it’s still edible , unlike bitter melon , which only took me one bite to dislike it . So , the other day , grocery shopping , and i saw the same exact vegetable my mom used to cook . They’re called Mustard Greens over here . I guess they’re supposed to be very healthy and nutritious . The only down side about this in my opinion is its bitterness ,unlike swiss chard where after being cooked , the bitterness just barely noticeable .Just a note , you can always skip the meat and just have vegetable only dish . The chicken that i added here is just an extra thing .

You need :

1 bunch of mustard greens , cut the stems in few pieces and the leaves , then separate them after washing .

2 garlic cloves

1 small shallots

pepper , salt and sugar

vegetable oil

chicken thigh boneless , cut into pieces ( sprinkle with 1-2 tbsp. of soy sauce , mix , then sprinkle with corn flour ) <– optional

1. Heat up the oil in a skillet , then saute garlic and shallot for 30 seconds , add the sugar , salt and pepper.

2. Add the stems , cook for about a minute or so , if you using chicken , drop the chicken pieces now . Cook for few minutes . Add little water , and cover for a minute or two . Then add the leaves , keep stirring until leaves are wilted . Done !

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