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Chinese Buffet Style Doughnuts

I am sure most of you been to those chinese buffet . It’s everywhere in US . And i know they’re not the healthiest choice of meal , but like i said once in a while probably you end up going there just because that’s the only place that pops in your mind , or just you’re hungry for chinese food . So , every chinese buffet that i’ve been to ( probably about 3 times i went to different ones of buffet the past 5 years ) , they always have these doughnuts . I don’t really think they’re supposed to be dessert , since they’re not in the dessert aisle .. LOL , but whatever it is .. i thought it was yummy and addicting . Of course , they’re deep fried just like american doughnuts , and anything deep fried is always good , though it’s not healthy , like i said before .

And to my surprise , these things are amazingly easy . I knew they’re not going to spend time making yeast doughnuts , and spent a lot of money on it .. the yeast , the bread flour etc .. I knew there had to be something , somekind of a shortcut that they did .. to make these doughnuts . After all .. it’s a buffet , and supposed to be cheap . So i thought .. maybe we can use refrigerated biscuit , those pillsbury doughboy biscuit , instead of baking them , why not deep frying them . Boy was i right !!! I picked up the cheapest , store brand biscuit , and then i deep fry them for few minutes til they turn golden brown . And sprinkle sugar .. and voila .. there you go , you’ve got chinese buffet style doughnuts !!!



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