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Cucumber Salad ( Indonesian Acar Timun )


Cucumber salad is like a condiment in Indonesia , it is called Acar Timun , it’s very refreshing and super easy to make them . They are eaten with fried noodles , fried rice , mixed rice , etc .. So many dishes you can eat with this cucumber salad . Though you don’t eat this by itself , as refreshing as it is , i hardly found anybody eating this by itself .. I guess you can .. but normally , we eat this along side other dish .


You need :

2-3 large cucumber , peeled and remove the seeds and sliced thinly .

white vinegar, about 2 splash onto the bowl with cucumber slices

sugar , about 3 tbsp , depending how sweet you want it too , it is supposed to be sweet and sour

1/2 tsp. of salt , or you can skip this too , it’ll be fine .

1 shallots or 1/4 cup of red onion

The cucumber salad is supposed to be sweet and sour , the sourness you will get from the vinegar , and the sweetness will be from sugar , if you don’t add any sugar it’ll be way too sour to be eaten . So try and taste it , if you want to start with 1 tbsp. sugar it’ll be fine , some people like it more sour than sweet , i like it well balanced .

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