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Shrimp Pad Thai

One of thai dish that i enjoy is pad thai , of course curry is still the top on my list , but i was always wondering is it hard to make pad thai ? It doesn’t seem so because it’s just stir fry noodles .. except there is that special flavor in pad thai , sweet and sour blends together .. unlike any other stir fry noodles .

So last night i decided to try this pad thai recipe that i found online . It seems like it was pretty easy , as long as you get the right ingredients . A trip to asian market is a must , we did that over the weekend and i made sure to pick up tamarind paste which is one of the main ingredients in the sauce . Everything else is pretty much easy to find in the regular grocery store .

shrimp pad thai


Direction : 

For Pad Thai sauce : 

150 grams of tamarind pulp

300 ml of water

200 grams of palm sugar

50 grams of sugar

150 ml. thai seasoning sauce ( i used maggi seasoning sauce )

1. Soak the tamarind pulp in warm water , and then using your hands , start breaking them apart , it should dissolve in the water pretty quick . Strain the water , add the rest of ingredients for sauce in a pot .Then bring to boil and simmer for a good 15 minutes until it becomes very syrupy .Once it’s done , set it aside .

For noodles : 

200 grams of flat wide rice noodles , soak in warm water for 30 minutes .


ground roasted peanuts

1/2 lb of shrimp , cleaned , peeled and deveined

green onions

1/4 of medium onions

2 eggs


1 tsp. of shrimp paste

1. In a wok , heat up the oil , add the shrimp , cook until it turns orange , just few minutes , don’t overcook . Then add onions , tofu , and shrimp paste for few minutes . Push the rest aside , and crack the eggs , and start scrambling them , half way cooking , add the noodles ( without the water ) , add few tablespoon of pad thai sauce , add ground roasted peanut , green onions and beansprout , sprinkle with little lime juice . Serve right away


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