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Perilla Leaves Kimchi

When i go to Korean Market i see leaves that are called Sesame Leaves , later on , i found out that they’re also called Perilla Leaves . So this morning when i went there i decided to buy them to try this particular recipe . They look like a giant mint leaves , when you touch them , they also feels like mint leaves , and from what i heard , they also have a minty taste . They are not cheap , they’re quite expensive , they put probably about 15 leaves in a bundle and they cost about $1.00 each , i ended up buying 6 bundles of them . So when i got home , i washed them and put them in a colander , shake off the rest of the water from my perilla leaves . These are perilla leaves .

So after washing the perilla leaves and making sure it’s dry , i made the kimchi paste . Just like the ones i used for green cabbage kimchi .

You need :

1/4 cup of carrots , matchsticks

1/4 cup of sliced onion

4 garlic cloves

1 green onion , chopped

1 tsp. honey or sugar

3 tbsp. of fish sauce

3 tbsp. of red pepper flakes

Mix these all together into a paste , and then rub every 2 leaves of the perilla leaves with the paste , until you use all the perilla leaves . Store in a container and refrigerate .



We made beef bulgogi tonight for dinner , and i used the perilla leaves to roll up the beef and rice together , they taste really yummy .

Or , do it like my husband did to his dinner .. it’s Fusion , Korean – American , by making a sandwich with the bulgogi and perilla leaves kimchi . There you have it !

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