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Chicken Salad w/ Grapes and Toasted Almond

I thought i was going to roast the chicken breasts tonight to make it with some green salad . Well .. i changed my mind .. as a result , i ended up making chicken salad . For the longest time i’ve been looking for a good restaurant with a good chicken salad , i couldn’t find it back when i was living in Northwest Indiana . Then we moved to Texas , and we went to this one restaurant , called Toasted Yolk , and immediately i wanted to try their chicken salad sandwich . I wasn’t expecting much about it , but .. when i took a bite .. i thought this is pretty good , not bland like what i used to taste in many restaurant . Now everytime i go there , i ended up ordering chicken salad sandwich 🙂

So that’s why i thought instead of ordering it .. why not making it myself , it couldn’t be much different than making egg salad or tuna salad sandwich !! As long as you have the mayonaisse i think you’ll be set . Unlike the plain chicken salad , i think adding the grapes and toasted almond is a must in this sandwich . It really helps so it doesn’t taste as bland . And i also added my favourite secret spice in the mayo mix , you’ll find out in the recipe below .

You need :

About 3 chicken breast bone in

Rub the chicken breasts with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper generously . Bake at 350 F for 40-45 minutes , make sure you don’t overcook , or the chicken will be too dry and won’t be juicy and moist .

The dressing :

1 cup of mayonaisse ( i used Hellman )

1 tsp heaping of dijon mustard ( i used grey poupon )

3/4 tsp. of kosher salt

1/2 tsp. of pepper

1/2 tsp. of smoked paprika

1/4 tsp. of cayenne pepper

1 tsp. of fresh lemon juice

Mix all these together in a small bowl , refrigerate until ready to use .

1 stalk of celery , minced

5 green onions , including the green part , chopped

4-5 cups of diced chicken breasts

1/4 cup of almond ( sprinkle with sugar and toast it until it’s brown on medium heat , keep stirring so it won’t burnt )

1 lb of red grapes , halves

Mix all these ingredients together , and then add the dressing , mix well , refrigerate . Serve on a bed of lettuce or toasted bread , sourdough bread , crescent rolls , etc .

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