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Cocoa Coffee Brownies

I was enjoying our afternoon by the pool , when i thought , let’s make some brownies . Mind you , i’ve baked a lot of stuff , but as far as i remember i only baked brownies from scratch once before this . And it’s been couple of years i believe , so i wanted to make them again , from scratch . I don’t really like brownies mix from the box because they tend to be too sweet for my taste .

This recipe below is for you chocolate lover , and especially if you like dark chocolate , i can guarantee you like this brownie . I added a tablespoon of coffee granules in there and it brings out the chocolate flavour even more . I would try adding Kahlua next time .

You need :

4 large eggs

In a large bowl , beat the eggs about 5-6 minutes if you use handmixer , and if you use standing kitchen , use your paddle attachment , and 2-3 minutes on medium high speed should be enough to make the eggs fluffy and light yellow .

Then sift together :

2 1/2 oz. of all purpose flour

5 3/4 oz. of cocoa powder , not dutch process

1/2 tsp. salt

1 tbsp. coffee granules

And then add

7 oz. of sugar

6 oz. of light brown sugar

Add all these mixture slowly into the egg mixture , until combine , then add :

2 sticks of unsalted butter , melted

2 tsp. vanilla

Mix the batter until it’s smooth and gooey . Bake on 8 inch square pan , lined with parchment paper , for about 50 minutes . It should be done if the tooth pick comes out clean . Cut the brownies when it’s already mostly cool .Serve with vanilla ice cream or as is .


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