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Rissoles with Ragout Filling ( Risoles isi Ragout )

When i was younger , me and my dad or my mom often stopped by to this shop that sells all kind of traditional snack . And one of their favourite was Risoles , it’s similar to Lumpia , it has the same shape , the same step to make them , but has a different filling . And on top of that it needs to be deep fried , a very quick time to deep fry these snack . The filing is ragout filling , it has chicken , carrots , green beans , eggs , sometimes potato , depending on what you want . My recipe here only uses chicken and carrots . The filling itself is really yummy , if you ever had chicken pot pie , it’s pretty close to that , except doesn’t take as long as chicken pot pie . I made the ragout filling pretty easy and quick , i also used ground chicken breast to cut my time , and you can always use food processor to chopped your carrots . Then you should be ready to eat it . These rissoles are very popular in Indonesia , even though if you google it , every country in Europe has their own version of rissoles , meaning , the fillings is different from one country to another . Although for me , i couldn’t imagine having a different fillings than chicken , carrot or eggs in there . You can serve this as it is , or you can eat it with bird eye chili . Delicious !!

For the wrapper , you need :

250 grams of all purpose flour

2 large eggs

pinch of salt

100 grams of melted margarine

400 ml of water

2 large eggs and 1 tbsp.water


In a large bowl , make a well in the center of the flour , then add your eggs , start whisking , then add melted butter , and whisk . Then add your water a little bit at a time , and keep whisking until it’s smooth . The consistency of the batter will be very runny and you want it that way , it’s not supposed to be thick . In a small non stick skillet , add just a little bit of oil , then wipe it all over with paper towel , heat up over medium low heat , then add the 1/4 cup of the batter , and swirl around the skillet , cook about 1 minute on each side , Set aside , while you prepare ragout filling .


Cook , 1 minute on each side on med low heat , once it’s done , set aside on parchment paper , only pile them up after they cool off .



Wrap ragout filing , then set it aside .


This is your working station , line them up in order , your risoles , egg wash and bread crumbs , then skillet with heated oil . Dip in egg , roll in breadcrumbs , fry in oil .



Watch it carefully , they brown really quick , and turn it over once they reach the color in the picture . It takes less than 1 minute .



For the filling , you need :

3/4 lbs of ground chicken

1 large carrot ( i got this from asian market so it’s huge , unlike the small carrot you usually get from US grocery store )


1 chicken boiullon cube


about 4-5 tbsp. of all purpose flour

2 shallots

In a large skillet , heat the vegetable oil , add shallots and green onion , then add carrots , cook for few minutes , then add ground chicken , and cook 5 minutes , then add all purpose flour , cook about 2 minutes , and then add chicken boiullon cube , nutmeg and little bit of sugar , and pepper , mix well . Use your whisk , add the water a little bit at a time to make it thickĀ  ,( like roux ) . Cook few minutes then shut the heat off .Let it cool .

To assemble risoles :

Once everything is cool , let’s wrap it . Lay the wrapper , then add about 1-2tbsp. of the filling , then wrap them like you wrap lumpia . Then using flour mix with water ( should be very thick consistency ) , use it as a glue when you’re done wrapping / rolling them . Then dip it in the beaten egg , and then roll it on the breadcrumbs . Deep fry , please watch it because it turns brown VERY QUICKLY , probably about 10-20 seconds , ( heat on low ) turn the risoles , do the same on the other side .


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