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Sticky Rice

When i was younger , sticky rice was always there , part of dessert usually , or sometimes mid morning snack . My mom would come home from working out , stopped by at the ranch market and bought sticky with snack , sometimes it’s the one with roasted soy powder , and sometimes it’s the one with coconut milk , or sometimes , it’s like layered sticky rice with palm sugar .. etc .

Few weeks ago when i was making Gyung Dan , a traditional Korean dessert , i came across roasted soy powder , when i tried it , the soy powder tasted so familiar , and i couldn’t figure it out where did this taste comes from before ?? I knew it had to be some kind of traditional snack that i had when i was younger . For the life of me it took me forever to figure it out ..

Until i finally thought about this sticky rice .. then i remember .. Ketan Bubuk .. sticky rice with roasted soy powder !! So easy to make ..Now .. while i was thinking about Ketan Bubuk .. i also thought about the Thai Sticky Rice that i had the other night . I happened to have coconut milk on hand .. so there it goes .. i made thai sticky rice , without the mango .. normally that’s what the sticky rice served with , or in my case , the dessert i had at the restaurant was Sticky rice with Thai custard .. one of these days i will try to make the custard 🙂 Anyway .. here is my sticky rice snacks

For Thai Sticky Rice :

2 cups of sweet rice

3 1/2 cups of water

pinch of salt

1 can of good coconut milk

1/2 cup of light brown sugar , or palm sugar if you have

1. Soak the sweet rice in that 3 1/2 cups of rice , at least half an hour . Then turn the heat to medium , and cook until it’s boiling . When it boils , cover slighlty askew , for about 10 minutes . Simmer , then turn it off . Let is sit for 15 minutes .

2. In a small pot , heat up coconut milk with brown sugar , adjust the sweeteness to your taste . Just so you know , your sweet rice or sticky IS NOT sweet , so make sure the coconut milk is sweet enough .

3. To serve , place the sticky rice in a bowl , add the coconut milk , let it sit for 10 minutes until the the rice soak it all up .

For the Sticky rice with Roasted Soy Powder , you need :

Cooked sticky rice , prepared it like thai sticky rice recipe above .

Soy Powder ( got it from korean market ) , mixed with little sugar

Serve it , sprinkle soy powder on the sticky rice .


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