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Pear Crostata

The other day i ran across Bosc Pear at the grocery store , and it was on sale , super cheap !! It caught my eyes because they’re normally quite expensive and yesterday it was only 98 cents !! So i picked up about 4 pears and i thought .. this will be good for pear tart . But when i got home , i thought pear tart the right way is too much work , i don’t have time for it . Why couldn’t i make this as a crostata like the rustic apple tart i made the other day ? So there i was .. i decided , this is what i am going to do .. make it easy , yet delicious .. hopefully LOL .. Glad it turned out really yummy , in fact this tasted better than the apple tart in my opinion . This’ll be my go to recipe when i want to make something easy and quick and delicious !



You need :

3 Bosc Pear , peeled and cored , and sliced

1/4 cup of sugar

Place this mixture in a bowl , and gently toss the sugar with the pear , set aside .

For the pie crust , you can use the crust i posted in apple recipe , or this one below , this one would make slightly bigger crust . Either one has a good taste .

1 1/2 cup of all purpose flour

3 Tbsp. of sugar

10 Tbsp. of unsalted VERY COLD butter

3 Tbsp. of ice cold water

In a food processor , mix the flour , sugar and pinch of salt , and then add diced the cold butter , and pulse until you reach a coarse mixture , and then add the cold water while it’s still running . Pulse few more times untilĀ  it’s almost comes to a ball , don’t over pulse it , it’ll be tough crust . Remove and shape into a ball / disk and chill in the fridge for at least an hour .

When you’re ready to roll it out , lightly flour the surface then roll out your dough , to about 11 inch circle or rectangle whatever you want . Remove carefully into the parchment paper lined baking sheet , then add your pear mixture in the middle of the crust , leaving enough borders to fold towards the center , leaving the center pears exposed . Then beat an egg with few tbsp. of water , and brush the crust with the egg mixture , and sprinkle with more sugar . Bake at 400 F for 40 minutes . Serve warm or room temperature .


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