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I love plantains , to me plantains , reminds me of Pisang Agung , some type of banana that has the shape like plantains , and they’re just as long and they’re considered ripe when they have black skin , and also it’s only good for cooking . Unlike other kinds of bananas , in Indonesia we have so many types of banana , pisang ambon , pisang susu , pisang kepok , pisang raja , pisang agung .. Indonesian are so lucky to have plenty types of bananas they can eat , certain kind of bananas are only good for cooking , and some are good for both . My favourite when i was small was pisang susu , susu in english means milk , they’re the smallest type of bananas , but they have the best taste in my opinion .

Right now i am talking about plantains , most south american countries eat plantains .I guess they consider it as a side dish and be eaten with main meal . I really can’t see it to be eaten with say .. fish .. or chicken .. to me plantains , they’re sweet and they are best for snack or dessert .

Alright , so this picture below , is Fried Plantains

I use the ripe plantains , yes with yellow skin with lots of black dots or even black skin , that means it will be sweet when i bake or fry the plantains . Using a paring knife , i peeled the skin off the plantains , then i sliced them sideways , to allow more surfaced to be caramelized . Heat up a vegetable or canola oil on the non stick skillet on a low medium heat . Then place the sliced plantains on the skillet , cook for about 4 minutes , until the bottom are caramelized , using tongs , turned to cook the other side for another 4 minutes . Remove from the skillet , and serve warm .

Picture below , Grilled Plantains

Just warm up your grill , don’t peel the skin of the plantains , just place the plantains on the grill for couple minutes , turn it over , and remove , and serve warm . They’re super sweet and yummy !!


Next would be Baked Plantains ..

”””” to be continued , i don’t have the picture of baked plantains yet ””””””

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