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Fish and Chips

We never made a home made fish and chips , we usually just bought frozen fish and fries .. LOL , but this time , i don’t know what comes to my mind , i put fish and chips on my menu . My husband was thrilled and said let’s just make it tonight , right after we did the grocery shopping . I ended up using tilapia , any other kind of fish would be okay to use , as long as it’s white , such as cod fish , or halibut . The tilapia that i used was pretty good though . While i made the fish , my husband handled the chips , in other words , it’s the fries . The brits call it chips i don’t really know why ..


For the fish , you need :

about 2 lbs of white fish , tilapia , cod , halibut ..sliced in angle

2 cups of rice flour

1 tbsp. of baking powder

Almost 1 tbsp. of salt , don’t put 1 tbsp. full it will be too salty

1/2 tsp. of black pepper

12 oz of lemon lime sparking water ,  or more , the batter should be like heavy cream consistency , if you think your batter is too thick add more soda water

1 large egg

oil for frying

In a large bowl , mix the flour , salt pepper and baking powder . Then mix the soda water with large beaten egg , and pour slowly into the flour mixture , whisk until it becomes very smooth . The batter should be thick , like a heavy cream consistency , if it’s too thick , then add more soda water , i used more soda water .

In a large plate , add more rice flour , then dredge the fish on the rice flour , and then dip them into the batter , and deep fry for about 3 minutes on each side .

For the chips , you need :

4 large white potatoes

oil for frying

Slice the potatoes into french fries style , then soak the potatoes in a water for an hour , replace the water after half an hour . Then heat up oil , in a low heat , drop the potatoes in , cook until it’s soft but not too soft . Take them out , let it dry for a little bit , then turn the heat up , and cook on high ,drop them back into the high heat oil , and cook until they’re crispy . Take them out , and sprinkle with salt and pepper , shake them , served with the fish .

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