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Usually when i made risotto for dinner , i always ended up making too much for our little family . It is family of three after all . And then nobody wanted to touch the risotto the next day because truth is .. who really wants leftover risotto ? Risotto is always the best when it’s just got done being cooked , overnight ? not so much ..

So that was the story last night , i cooked risotto , with seared scallops , and of course by the time we finished , there was no scallops left LOL .. just risotto and there it went to the fridge , maybe someone will eat it tomorrow ?

Before it went to trash after sitting so many days in the fridge , i thought why not turning this leftovers into rice balls ? As a snack of course , not main course .. my family likes rice , my son loves cheese and who doesn’t like deep fried food ? LOL .. so there it was .. mixing up Arancini , Italian Rice Balls stuffed with mozzarella . It is super easy and simple , just a little mess from the oil to deep fry , but other than that .. it’s quick . As long as you’re not cooking the risotto right now .. if you do , you probably will have to wait til it’s totally cool , or you’ll have problem shape it into balls .


You need :

Left overs risotto , about 2-3 cups , or whatever you have !

1-2 eggs , i did 2 for 2 cups of risotto

1/2 cup of bread crumbs

you can add grated parmesan i believe , but i don’t have cheese grate or food processor at the moment , due to relocating , so i skipped the fresh parmesan

about 3 oz of mozzarella ( i bought it from the deli and just ask them to cut about 3/4 inch thick just 1 slice would be enough , then dice it)

extra bread crumbs to dredge the balls

canola oil

So , just mix the eggs , risotto and bread crumbs together , add parmesan if you use it . Mix well , shape into a ball and stuff it with mozzarella cheese . Roll it into the bread crumbs and deep fry . Make sure it’s hot oil and turn down to medium low , cook for 4 minutes until it’s golden brown . Your cheese should be melted by this time !

arancini2 arancini3

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