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Indonesian Meatballs with Quail Eggs

These meatballs are similar to the plain indonesian meatballs recipe , the only difference is that this one was filled with quail eggs . Back in Indonesia , aside from selling regular plain meatballs , they also sell these kind . They’re not hard to make , just boil some quail eggs , it has to be quail eggs , because they’re small enough to make the meatballs . I bought these eggs from korean market about a week ago , i never seen it in the regular american grocery . Quail eggs are also more expensive than regular chicken eggs , on top of that , they have a higher level of protein too . So if i were you i wouldn’t want to eat too much of these meatballs filled quail eggs .

These are the quail eggs that i bought from the korean market . Just bring water to boil , then drop in the eggs slowly and carefully into the boiling water , boil for 4 minutes . Then remove from the water . Peel and set it aside

Please check my recipe for to make the plain meatballs hereĀ . Then after making the meatballs , use about 1 heaping tbsp. of the meat mixture and flatten them up in the middle , and place 1 egg in there ,wrap it and roll with your palms to smooth the shape of the meatballs .They should turn out to be like this

Then , when you’re ready , bring water to boil gently , not rolling boil . Then drop the meatballs one by one , they should float once they’re done cooking. Add about 2-3 chicken bouillon cubes in the pot , and chopped green onions , salt and pepper to make the broth .Serve with noodles or rice .


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