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Smothered Porkchops

Very easy recipe , and really quick to make . I love pork chops , they’re yummy and easy to fix . You don’t want to overcook pork chop or else you will end up with tough chops .. but if you cook it just right , they are really tasty . This recipe is easy and probably just need about 30 minutes to get it done .All the ingredients are pretty much on your pantry already , there is no special ingredients here .

Next time i would add mushrooms in there , i think it will taste yummy too . I served this with rice , but i imagine baked potatoes with steamed vegetable on the side would make an awesome dinner .

smothered porkchop


Directions : 

About 6 pork chops , 1/2 inch thick or 1 inch

1 cup of self rising flour

2 tsp. of kosher salt

2 tsp. of fresh ground black pepper

2 tsp. of smoked paprika

4 tsp. of garlic powder

1 tsp. of onion powder

4 sprigs of thyme

olive oil

1 sweet onion , sliced

4 cloves of garlic , minced

2 cups of chicken broth

2 cups of beef broth

4 tbsp. of flour

1. Mix the dry spices together , then rub the chops all over . Dump the rest of the dry spices into the flour , mix well .

2. Dredge the chops into the flour , shake off excess flour . Heat olive oil until it’s very hot , sear the chops about 90 seconds on each side ( if your chops are 1 inch thick .. probably sear about 2 minutes ) , then flip and do the same . Set aside . Do the same with the rest of them .

3. Add the sweet onion , garlic and thyme , cook about 3 minutes , then add the flour , and cook about couple minutes .. add the broth while whisking so it won’t be lumpy . Place the chops back into the skillet , and let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes til chops are done .

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