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Spicy Thai Fried Rice

I love fried rice , my husband loves fried rice too . Growing up in Indonesia , we ate a lot of fried rice , my grandma used to make this big batch of fried rice for breakfast , and then she would call my mom or my aunts , then words would spread . ” grandma is making fried rice , come over for breakfast ” So , we usually stopped by , because grandma made big batch of fried rice . But that was Indonesian Chinese Fried Rice ..

What i am posting here is Thai Fried Rice , they’re slightly different than the fried rice that i grew up with . It has been bugging my mind for quite some time , ever since we lived in Kansas about 7 years ago , and made our first trip to Thai restaurant . Jay ordered spicy fried rice , and it was really good . The color isn’t as rich as indonesian fried rice , and all i can think of .. that they probably just use soy sauce .. i never thought that they used  Fish sauce !!! But then again .. don’t they use fish sauce a lot in thai food ? 😀

I was supposed to use thai basil .. if i had made this dish back in my house in Indiana .. i would have been able to add the thai basil , that i grew in my garden , but i couldn’t find any in any stores over here , i settled with italian basil just for a decoration .Just so you know , when you mix the sauce , it’s not going to smell good , because of the fish sauce has a very pungent smell . If you are okay with that smell then that’s great , if it bothers you , like it does to me , add sesame oil at the end of cooking , it helps to eliminate the pungent smell of fish sauce .

The recipe :

2 chicken thighs / or 1 chicken breast , boneless , cut in strips

1/2 onion , thinly slice

1 red bell pepper , thinly slice

lots of bird’s eye chilis , i used about 10

10 garlic cloves

5 tbsp. of oyster sauce

3 tbsp. of fish sauce

2-3 tbsp. of soy sauce

1 1/2 tsp. of sugar

sesame oil

sesame seed for decorations

thai basil

about 5 cups of rice ( day old would be best choice )

1. In a small bowl , mix sugar , oyster sauce and fish sauce .

2. In a wok , heat 1-2 tbsp. of vegetable oil / canola oil , saute minced garlic and chopped pepper , for a minute , then add the bell pepper , onion , chicken , cook until the chicken is half way done , then add the sauce in . Cook again until chicken is totally done .

3. Add the rice , stir well , then add soy sauce , keep stirring or else it’ll be burnt , cook until it’s mixed well and warm .Add few drops of sesame oil . Sesame oil helps to omit the fish sauce smell .  Serve , sprinkle with sesame seed .

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