Chocolate Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt

I am a big fan of peanut butter . I could eat them everyday , but i have to really careful with it since peanut butter is still high in calories , especially on fat . No matter how you look at it , yes nutrition wise , it is healthy , a better choice than eating Nutella . But if you don’t watch how much you put that peanut butter on your rice cake or bread , banana , apples , or anything , it adds up !

So , i have been thinking what would peanut butter powder do if we mix it with plain greek yogurt . Then a friend of mine suddenly mentioned that she’s starting her macro journey and her sweet treat everyday is mixing peanut butter powder with greek yogurt . I think it was vanilla greek yogurt that she mixes that in .

I got interested , and since i am making my own greek yogurt , and i have been eating it daily anyway with berries or bananas , why not just trying it ? I bought this peanut butter powder from Aldi , and to my surprised the next time i came back they carry chocolate peanut butter powder . So i ended up buying that one too . I could not wait to try it .

Super easy , just plain greek yogurt and then that chocolate peanut butter powder and i add little bit of honey . I thought this was not bad at all . I use it as a spread for the rice cake , which i usually a fan to use peanut butter on top of rice cake . But it is higher in calories with the classic peanut butter in a jar . So i was thrilled to find out the macros was much much better than peanut butter . With the chocolate peanut butter powder , this was a great way to eat it as a fruit dip , especially for those tangy strawberry . I would assume if your strawberries already sweet , it’s a bit pointless to spend this as a fruit dip . I can also see this as an apple dip too . But hey nothing wrong with eating it with any fruits, even if the berries already sweet , go ahead , it’s still yummy with this greek yogurt dip .

Use it as a fruit dip

But anyway , the recipe here is can be cut in half and would be perfect spread for 2 rice cake . If you don’t make your own greek yogurt , make sure you buy the plain greek yogurt . I made my yogurt using 1% milk .

Ingredients :

  • 100 grams low fat , plain greek yogurt or non fat greek yogurt
  • 20 grams honey
  • 18 grams chocolate peanut butter powder ( about 3 tbsp )

Directions :

  • Mix all of ingredients together , you can use mini whisk or spoon until all ingredients blend together and smooth .
  • Spread the yogurt into rice cakes or using it for fruit dip . Maybe try to freeze them , it might be good frozen yogurt too . Serve 4 , approx 34 grams per serving
  • EAT !
Use it as a spread on rice cakes

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