About me

I had never imagined that cooking or baking would be one of my favorite thing to do . When i was younger , i refused the idea of learning how to cook . My mom was a wonderful cook , she always made good stuff , so when she came up with an idea of me learning how to do it , i rejected it right away . Although i didn’t mind too much about learning how to bake . I used to help her a lot baking steamed sponge cake . But not cooking .. i thought cooking was too much of a mess , dirty , yucky ..

Until i got married to my wonderful husband , Jay , well , he’s a good cook .. during our first year of marriage , i started learning how to cook from his mother . Few years later i still wasn’t really into cooking that much , not until we moved to Kansas and Nicholas was born . I started learning more and more about cooking and baking on my own , from books , internet , tv shows , etc .

And now , cooking and baking are one of my favorite things to do , other than those , i also enjoy working out , running , watching movies , playing music and of course travelling .


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