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Southern Fried Chicken

I don’t know why but during the end of the sermon this morning at church , just about a minute before the pastor let us all go home , suddenly i thought about fried chicken . No  , not thinking about buying fried chicken , because that’s what we usually do , i don’t cook fried chicken , i know they’re easy but i don’t , just because to me it seems pointless spending about a gallon of oil just to fry chicken , not to mention , it is unhealthy . We usually settled with oven baked fried chicken , similar but not quite the same original fried chicken .

So there i was as we walked out from the pew , i whispered to my husband ” i wanted to try to make fried chicken , you know the southern style ”

Yeah , the ones that requires , deep frying , not baking . He said ” sure ”

We stopped at grocery store , didn’t pick up anything but chicken and southern hot sauce , you know the american hot sauce that is hot ( well just warm .. mild not too hot ) and super sour , due to the vinegar content in there . Not my favorite kind of hot sauce but i deal with it since i need it for this darn chicken . So , i picked up another thing , picked up tomatoes because i wanted to make ” indonesian hot sauce with shrimp paste ” and of course we ended up picking up some other things such as milk and eggs since we ran out of it .

I guess fried chicken must be very popular in the southern state , since i found lots of recipes online that said ” southern fried chicken ” Is there any difference between southern and northern fried chicken ? Heck .. i don’t know .. how could fried chicken be any different anyway from different location .. they’re all chicken , being deep fried !

Anyway , this is easy recipe ( i got it from the southern cooking queen with a little modification ) , a little mess if you don’t have deep fryer . I happen to have one , and only used it once years ago .. and with this chicken earlier that i made , that would be 2 times in the past so many years that i put my deep fryer to a good use LOL .. They’re delicious , very crunchy , and just fried chicken .. and for me .. no fried chicken will taste delicious without any hot sauce .. So of course i had my indonesian hot sauce served with this fried chicken 😀 ( i even use hot sauce with KFC or Popeye’s chicken too ! )

Direction  : 

About 4 lbs of chicken thighs ( or whole chicken , cut in pieces .. i like using dark meat )

3 eggs

1/3 cup of water

3/4 cup of hot sauce ( i used texas pete )

black pepper and salt

2 cups of all purpose flour

2 1/2 tsp. of baking powder

1 tsp. of salt

1 1/2 tsp. of smoked paprika

Garlic powder

1. Heat up oil in a big pot or deep fryer , to 350 F , fill it up half way , enough to submerge the chicken , you want to deep fry the chicken .

2. Place the chicken in a cookie sheet and sprinkle with salt , garlic powder and black pepper , both sides . Set aside .

3 . Beat the eggs with water and hot sauce until it’s bright orange color shows up . Set aside .

4 . Mix the flour with baking powder and smoked paprika and salt . Set aside .

5 . Dip the chicken into the egg hot sauce mixture , then dredge the chicken on the flour until it’s all coated , drop them carefully into hot oil , cook for about 13-14 minutes for dark meat and 10 minutes for white meat .

6 . Once it’s done , take it out and place it on a paper towel lined plate to soak up the excess oil . Serve

southern fried chicken




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