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Zabaglione Marsala Gelato


Last night i made this delicious gelato . Gelato is italian style ice cream . They’re stronger in flavour compared to regular american ice cream . This was not hard to make either , the ingredients just like custard ingredients . Using heavy cream , milk , sugar and egg yolks . I used marsala wine and rum . I have to say this is really good , and just like strawberry ice cream , this has become another favourite of mine ! They’re so good it’s bad, cos i can eat the whole batch for myself !!!

You need :

4 egg yolks

1/2 cup of sugar

In a bowl , mix this together , medium speed , about 2 minutes . Meanwhile :

1 cup of heavy cream

1 cup of low fat 1 % milk

Heat up these mixture on a medium heat , only until bubbles starts appear on the side of the pot , remove from the heat , pour the milk mixture with a slow steady stream into the mixing bowl ( egg and sugar ) , while keep whisking the mixture to avoid scrambled egg . Mix well , pour the mixture back into the same pot , heat up under medium heat about 4-5 minutes , mixture should be thicken , do not boil ( to check if it’s done , dip in a spoon into the mixture , it should cover the spoon , and leaves path when finger drawn across ) Remove from the heat , add :

6 tbsp. of good marsala wine

2 tbsp. light rum

1 vanilla extract

Pour the mixture into custard , and stir well . Cover with plastic overnight , and follow your ice cream maker direction the following day .

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