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Chicken Porridge ( Bubur Ayam )

Chicken porridge is something that i ate a lot when i was younger . On the days that i was sick , my mom would make me chicken porridge , sometimes we also had chicken porridge from the street vendor too just because we feel like eating chicken porridge . They’re delicious , usually they have few condiments served with the chicken porridge , like cakwe ( it’s like a chinese donuts , the texture is almost like french crueller ) and then green onions , fried onions , hard boiled eggs , and of course the chicken itself , with soy sauce on the side .

My version of chicken porridge is going to be a very simple chicken porridge . Super easy and guarantee you have everything on hand . Here is my Bubur ayam ( Chicken Porridge )

You need :

1 whole chicken , not too big

about 3-4 head of garlic , peeled

about 3-4 quarts of water , make sure the chicken is submerged

1 tbsp. of salt

3 stalks of green onions

hard boiled eggs

fried onions

chinese doughnuts or cakwe , it’s also called youtiao .

1 1/2 cup of long grain rice , soaked for an hour

In a big pot , add your whole chicken , with 3-4 quarts of water and 3-4 heads of garlic . Cover and boil for 40 minutes , medium high heat . Then turn the heat down , to low , add your rice without the water of course , into the pot . Cover , and cook 30 minutes on low , stir often to prevent burning on the bottom . Then add your green onion , and salt . Take chicken out , shred the chicken , and serve the porridge with chicken on top , sliced chinese doughnuts , fried onions , hard boiled eggs . Serve warm .

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