The Wonderful World of EGGS

Eggs !! They’re healthy , nutritious and delicious ! I know it can get boring when you have eggs the same way over and over and over , but you can do many different things with eggs for breakfast or for lunch . I know in baking , eggs are a must , but what can we do differently with eggs for a quick fix ?? Here i have some ideas for all of you , what to do with your eggs . I serve eggs basically every morning for my son and or my husband . It is proven that eggs are very nutritious , and also that breakfast is a very important meal of the day .. So here it goes ..

First .. Soft Boiled or Hard Boiled EGGS ..

I only have picture posted for soft boiled eggs .. how do we make soft boiled eggs ?

– As always , bring water to boil , doesn’t need to be rolling boil , once you see tiny little bubbles coming out , drop your eggs SLOWLY into the pot using slotted spoon . Then turn the heat off , and cover the pot with a lid , time it , for about 8-9 minutes . Depending how runny you’d like your eggs to be , i like it quite runny in the middle but i still like my white quite solid , so i would leave it about 8 or 9 minutes . No less than 8 and no more than 9 . Once it’s done , run it under cold water to stop the cooking process , and serve it with toast . Tap the top of the egg with small spoon , and peel it off , sprinkle with little salt , and start eating it . The egg white should be jiggly but not too solid .

– Hard boiled eggs ,for this one , like soft boiled eggs , bring water to boil , once it boiled , drop the eggs slowly in there with slotted spoon , DO NOT turn the heat off , turn the heat down to medium low , then keep boiling it for 12 minutes . No more than 12 minutes , you can do that less than 12 , such as 10 minutes , you will see the yolks not too solid but won’t runny either when it’s done . I like it that way too , i don’t really care for a hard boiled eggs . They’re a bit boring to me . You can serve this by spreading a little butter on top after peeling and cut into half , and then sprinkle with salt and pepper . Or you can make a white sauce , to serve the eggs with toast . How do we make the white sauce ? it’s also called Bechamel Sauce ..

Bechamel Sauce :

  • 5 tablespoons butter
  • 4 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 4 cups milk
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg

In a small skillet or pot , melt the butter , add the flour , whisk , for a minute or two , then add milk a little at a time while whisking to prevent lumps , then add salt and nutmeg , the sauce should thicken when it gets warm .

Second , Omelette ( plain or with fillings )

– For just 1 person’s serving , i would use 2 large eggs only , and add little splash of water or milk . And chopped some veggies , whatever you have on hand , red pepper , green pepper , mushroom , onion , carrot , celery , etc .. whatever you have on hand , it’s not limited only with veggies i mentioned here , like i said whatever you have .. use it . I would cook the veggies first then i would add it to the omelette as i cook . To cook an omelette , grease the skillet , don’t load it with oil , just enough to cover the surface so it won’t stick , then beat the eggs with water , and pour the mixture when the skillet is heated , then let it sit for a minute or two , using spatula make sure it doesn’t stick around the edges . When it’s about done , add your fillings , and sprinkle with cheese , i used mozzarella . The cheese acts as the glue here , so if u don’t care for cheese , just add a little , no need to add too much , but if u like them , feel free to load it up . Lift one side to cover the filings with the cheese , slide it to the plate , and fold the other side into the center . Serve warm .

Third , Scrambled EGGS ,,

Everyone had scrambled eggs before , beat 2 eggs splash with water , add to the heated oiled skillet , and just cook it with spatula , you don’t need to careful with this as you cook omelette . You can add ham too .. or just plain , still making them scrambled and serve it on a croissant bun .

Fourth , Poached EGGS

How do you poach eggs ? Just in a small pot , add water , add few drops of vinegar , bring water to almost boil , when you start seeing the little tiny bubbles , get ready . Crack the eggs , place it in a small ramekins , and then swirl the water that’s about to boil , to make a whirlpool in the middle , then slide your cracked eggs into the middle of the whirpool . Let it cook for 4 minutes , and the egg yolk should oozes out when you cut it .Serve with toast or croissant bun, sprinkle with salt and pepper.. This is my son’s favourite egg breakfast

Fifth .. Baked EGGS in ramekins

I’ve posted about this before , so please click on here .

Sixth .. EGGS Salad

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