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July 4th Blueberry Pie

So the title said July 4th ,of course you don’t need to wait til July 4th celebration to make this yummy pie dish !! You can do it anytime , but i would suggest summer would be the best time , because of you want to do it when blueberry is in its peak . Sweet , juicy , reasonable price blueberry from you pick or from the store !

The other day i stopped at grocery store after the gym , and i picked up some fruits when i saw 99 cents a pint of blueberry . To me that’s a great price and hard to pass up . Immediately i think about .. Blueberry Pie ! And beside .. July 4th is this weekend .. so of course i have an excuse to bake a home made pie !!

To be honest , it has been a while since i baked pie from scratch , the last time was during thanksgiving , i baked pecan pie , so i do miss doing all this yummy things in the kitchen . I have been occupied with coloring yarns , and if you knew me well enough , you should know .. before a knitter and a dyer , i was a foodie at first .

So there i was that afternoon getting myself ready to whip up pate brisee , or simply .. A PIE DOUGH 🙂 Except i found out that i only had 1 stick of butter .. while i needed 2 sticks , luckily i had 1 pound of frozen butter .. so had to wait til it’s chilled but not frozen .


The pie dough is not hard to make , esp , i used food processor , call me cheater , but that food processor makes the job a lot quicker , easier and less mess !! So here is the dough recipe ..( if you’re short on time , or just too lazy for pie crust , just buy from the store .. it makes the job a lot quicker !! and skip this step ! )

2 1/2 cups of all purpose flour 

2 tbsp. of sugar 

1 tsp of salt , unless you’re using salted butter , if you do salted butter , you can skip this

2 sticks of cold butter , unsalted

about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of ice cold water 

If you do have food processor , this is the time to use it . Just dump the flour , sugar and salt in it , then pulse few times to combine , cut up your butter into small chunks , add into the flour mixture , pulse until the mixture combine , coarse like pea size clumps , then while it’s running , drizzle the water start with just 1/4 cup only , and pulse until it comes together , if it’s too dry still add little more ice cold water , try not to pour all at once , you don’t want them to be too wet , enough so that it comes together . Don’t pulse it too long , or your crust will be hard . 

Dump the mixture on a plastic wrap , divide into 2 balls , flatten into disks and place it in the fridge , chill about an hour at least . You can do this ahead of time , a day will be fine too .

If you do not want to go through this home made pie crust , you can simply run to the store and buy ready made pie crust .. but then again .. what’s fun about that ? 🙂

Once the dough is totally chilled , you’re ready to make pie !!


You will need flour , so the dough won’t stick to the surface when you roll it out .. you need rolling pin obviously .. here’s picture step by step .

1. Roll out your pie dough , about 10-12 inch diameter . To fit 9 inch pie plate


2. Transfer pie dough into the plate


3. Now you’re going to add the filling :

7 cups of fresh blueberry , washed and picked

1/2 cup of sugar

3/4 cup of cornflour , esp when it’s very juicy blueberry 

1/4 tsp. of cinnamon 

juice from 1 lemon 

Mix all these ingredients gently you don’t want the berries to burst . Then place the berries into the pie plate . Piling up in the center 



4. Now , roll out the 2nd pie dough , and using knife , or decorative cutter , cut an even number , i did 12 i think or maybe 10 . You can skip this step if you don’t want lattice top , just roll out the dough and place it on top and make slits here and there . This is for lattice topping



5. Once you’re ready to bake it , brush it with egg yolk wash , sprinkle generously with sugar and bake at 400 F for 20 minutes then lower it down to 350 F for about 55 – 60 minutes . The berries should be bubbly . To make sure cleaning up is not a messy job , line a parchment paper on a cookie sheet . Let the pie cool totally before serving . Serve with a huge dollop of vanilla ice cream !


Here is Homemade Blueberry Pie !!

blueberry pie

My favorite to serve this blueberry pie is with scoops of vanilla ice cream


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