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Ham , Egg and Provolone Croissant

This morning everyone was off work and school , everyone woke up a little bit late too . So , i asked what did they want to eat , they both said scrambled eggs . Well .. i thought they wanted something more than just scrambled eggs .. Then i remember that i had croissants that i bought yesterday , and they’re still very much fresh . I bought it yesterday to make a sandwich that i brought to my son’s school for him . So since everyone just wanted some scrambled eggs , i ended up making a croissant sandwich . It is super easy and everyone can make it with their eyes closed ( ha ! not really ) , even if you are not fond of cooking i can guarantee you can do this .

As long as you have some ham , eggs and cheese , you’re all set to go .

Beat about 5 eggs in the medium bowl , add little bit of milk or water , and then shred some ham in there and cheese , i happened to have provolone , if you have cheddar or mozzarella , it will work just fine .

Heat up oil in a large skillet , then add your egg ham mixture and cooked for few minutes to make scrambled eggs . Once it’s done, add some more cheese slices on the croissant and then add your scrambled egg ham mixture and you’re done !

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