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    Staying positive ..

    Hi everyone , it seems like it’s been ages since my last entry . Maybe it’s been several years . As we’re all aware by now , just like that the world has been turned upside down . Just a little over two weeks ago , actually was last day of school for my young teenager son . I believe it was March 12th . I just never thought that in an instant everything seems becoming so strange , out of normal . My first social distancing day was that Friday , which was supposedly the beginning of spring break at school . We planned to go to visit my…

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    DIY Terrarium

    So , early spring , we took a lot of trip to the nursery , and being in Texas , it’s not unusual to see plenty of choices of succulents , and cacti plants .We ended up buying 1 , and we thought well , we’ll see how this grow , supposed to love drought and the key to success is not over watering it . Soon enough i was busy browsing about cacti , and found the new thing .. which was terrarium . Terrarium is considered an indoor gardening , although me , as much as i love gardening , i wouldn’t consider this a gardening activity .…