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Swiss Roll with Mocha Buttercream

So , i believe i had tried making this sponge cake a while back ago , few years ago to be exact . I didn’t think i was quite successful , mainly because the technique to fold the flour into the batter was wrong . And we all know that sponge cake batter is light and airy , and it’s because of the air in the batter , where we beat the eggs and sugar until it’s very light , white and creamy . Well , this morning i wanted to try it again .. it was sunday , we skipped church , and it was gloomy .. What better things to do than experimenting on a cake ?

There i was , with my dear hubby , helping me making the mocha buttercream , for the filling . I was thinking about strawberry jam , but i do not have any strawberry jam left . This time i was quite  sure that i will do it right , i learned from youtube for the technique how to fold the flour into the batter , and that’s all i need .

The funny thing though , my husband was helping me greasing the jelly roll pan , including adding parchment paper .. and then i said ” don’t worry about flouring them , i will do the flour later ”

Well .. i got too busy with the batter , and what do you know .. when it was ready to be poured , i didn’t even bother to look at the jelly roll pan , and i just poured it .. half way pouring it and i remembered .. i didn’t flour them !!! I was so worried it wouldn’t turn out .. but i am glad it did .. it came out just fine !!!

So here is my Mocha Swiss Roll

mocha swiss roll


Ingredients : 

100 grams of super fine sugar ( if you have regular sugar , just put them in coffee grinder and pulse few times , watch not to turn them into powdered sugar )

4 large eggs

100 grams of all purpose flour

1. Grease a jelly roll pan 9×13 , and line with parchment paper . Preheat oven to 400 F

2, In a mixer bowl , beat the eggs for a minute then add sugar , keep beating in high speed , for 10 minutes . The batter should be light , creamy and fluffy .

3. Sift flour into the batter , fold the flour into the batter with wooden spoon . Make sure you fold it carefully so you don’t lose air bubbles .

4. Pour the batter into the pan and bake for 10-12 minutes . Let cool before inverting it .

To assemble : In a parchment paper , sprinkle some powdered sugar , then invert the cake carefully , peel off the parchment paper , spread the filling , either jam , preserves , or buttercream , roll carefully .

swiss roll

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