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Fresh Vegetables Soup

Living in the south give us the advantage of having fresh vegetables almost all year round , not to mention it’s cheap ! Back when we were living up north , we could only do this during spring and summer , where we got to buy from farmer’s market at a great price . During winter time , it’ll be too expensive and the vegetables wouldn’t be as good as when they’re in season .

So , given that , we decided to make fresh veggies soup tonight , and it has all the yummy vegetables in it ,and it’s so easy to make too . Preparation doesn’t take that long either , so .. here it is .. basically the picture shows you the vegetables i am using in this recipe .

You need :

2 large carrots , diced

2-3 ears of corn, scrapped

4-5 plum tomatoes , diced

2 large potatoes , diced

3-4 garlic cloves

2 leeks , chopped

8 cups of vegetable broth , or chicken broth

fresh parsley

lemon juice

1. Heat the oil in the pot , then add leeks , and garlic , cook for about 4 minutes , then add carrots , potatoes and green beans . Let it cook for another 5 minutes .

2. After that , add vegetable or chicken broth , and bring to boil . Once it boils , add tomatoes and corn , and simmer for 25 minutes .

3. Before serving , sprinkle some chopped parsley and lemon juice .

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