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Black Sticky Rice Pudding ( Bubur Ketan Hitam )

Black sticky rice is another traditional snack from Indonesia . As you all know , rice is the main staple in their diet , and they eat a rice basically everyday , in every meal . Not to mention their snack could be made from rice too . From my previous entry i have posted recipe for roasted soy powder sticky rice , and also sticky rice with coconut milk .

This time we’re talking about wild sweet rice , or you can call it black sticky rice . They don’t sell this in regular grocery store , they sell this in asian market . And you should be able to see this sold in the rice aisle , and it is black , just like the regular sticky rice ( or sweet rice ) , short grain rice , not long grain rice . With this kind of rice you want to make sure you let it soak overnight , or else they’ll take forever to cook and they would be hard .

Black sticky rice pudding is sweet pudding that is served with coconut milk in a bowl , you can serve this warm or at room temperature . Make sure you store your coconut milk in the fridge when you don’t use the rest of it , because they can get bad really quick .

You need :

About 250 grams of black sticky / sweet rice

1000 cc ( 1 litre ) of water

palm sugar or light brown sugar

pinch of salt

coconut milk

pandan leaves

1. Soak the rice overnight , in a medium bowl , with enough water , if you put too little water , water will be all soaked by the next day , make sure you cover the rice enough with the water .

2. When you’re ready to cook the rice , drain the rice , discard the water , and put the rice in a medium pot , with 1 litre of water .

3. Bring the water and rice to boil , then bring it down to low heat and stirring occasionally so the rice don’t stick on the bottom .Cook until the water is absorbed and the rice is really tender about 40-45 minutes , if the rice isn’t tender and the water is already gone , add 1 more cup of water .

4. Warm up the coconut milk . Place the black rice in a bowl , then add little bit of coconut milk . And serve .

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