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French Dip w/ Au Jus

One of our favorite restaurant we used to go back in Indiana has this yummy french dip , aside from their lemon rice soup . I myself never made french dip , but i figured it shouldn’t be too hard . Today i bought rump roast and planning on to make this dish . They should be easy , i found recipe online that uses slow cooker to cook it .. i thought — wonderful !! Slow cooker has been my best friend this week .. This recipe was super easy and it turns out pretty tasty !

Direction : 

4 lbs of rump roast , fat removed

1 can of beef broth

1 can of french onion soup

12 oz of beer , dark

1. Place everything in slow cooker . Cook on low for 7 hours , then take the meat out and slice them , put them back in the slow cooker .

2. Serve on toasted bun , top with mozzarella cheese , and au jus on the side .


Pumpkin Doughnuts

I love autumn !!! One of the reason is pumpkin doughnuts !! Those spices , always makes me feel like home sweet home , cozy , comfort . During fall , we usually go apple picking , and we buy pumpkins too . This one apple orchard back in Indiana has the yummiest pumpkin and apple doughnuts . But they’re very overpriced , yet we still bought it everytime we went there . Now , down south , there is no apple orchard , or at least we would have to drive a little bit north to go apple picking .

Anyway , it’s only been a week since fall started and i love fall baking , fall cooking . Suddenly i thought about their pumpkin doughnuts , and i ended up making them . The only thing is because the dough was so sticky , i ended up making doughnut holes .. or more like balls , cos it’s huge LOL .. still they’re super yummy !!! I don’t even care about the glaze , i just rolled them on a sugar cinnamon mixture .

Direction : 

Mix these dry ingredients :

  • 3 1/2 cups all purpose flour
  • 4 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground cloves
Set aside . Then in a large bowl , using your mixer , mix :
3 tbsp. of butter , room temperature
1 cup of sugar
1 large egg
2 egg yolks
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 cup of buttermilk plus 1 tbsp.
1 cup of pumpkin puree
Once all of them mixed , fold in the dry ingredients using spatula , don’t overwork the dough . Once it’s done , chill for at least 3 hours if you want to cut them into doughnut shapes . Or else , just drop them by spoonful into very hot oil , cook for about 3-4 minutes , watch they might burn quickly if your oil is too hot .
Updates : 
After letting the dough sit in the fridge overnight , i finally was able to shape them into the real doughnut shape . Just sprinkle some flour on the board , and also on your hand , i didn’t use a rolling pin , but i just flatten it up with my palm and cut the middle with a knife , and there it is your doughnuts .

Carnitas Burrito Bowl

I liked pork tacos , i think they’re yummy , but i never made them myself . Until the other day i decided to try it , but i knew that carnitas was supposed to be deep fried in lard , that’s the authentic way to make pork tacos i guess . But i just can’t imagine myself deep frying pork , pork is already fatty enough and deep frying them ? Even though i know it probably will be great tasting .. but i chose the alternative . I put the pork in the slow cooker 🙂 easy and surprisingly delicious and moist !!



4 lbs of pork shoulder / pork butt or pork rib eye texas style , cut into chunks

2 bay leaves

Place the bay leaves on the bottom of the slow cooker , and then mix these spices for the rub

  • 2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 2 teaspoon ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon crumbled dried oregano
  • 1teaspoon ground coriander
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Then sprinkle the pork with the rub , and mix well until everything is well coated , and then place the pork into the slow cooker . Slowly , add 1.5 cups of chicken broth .

Cook for about 6-7 hours on low . Once it’s done , take them out , shred the pork , and place them in a oven safe dish , preheat the oven to 400 F , and place the pork in the oven for about 25 minutes .

You can serve this as burrito bowl by placing rice on the bowl or plate , add shredded pork on top , then add the black beans , pico de gallo , salsa and guacamole .

For Guacamole recipe :

1 avocado , mashed

juice from lime , just a little bit , so t hat avocado doesn’t turn brown

1/4-1/2 tsp. salt ,

onion , chopped

1/2 roma tomato , chopped

cilantro , chopped

1 garlic cloves , minced

Mix all together and refrigerate for at least an hour .

For home made salsa , you need : (if you buy store bought , skip this step )

1-28 oz can of whole peeled tomatoes

bunch of fresh cilantro

1/2 cup of onion

1/2 cup of red onion

2 cloves of garlic

2 jalapeno

salt , pepper

2 tsp. of cumin

little sugar if it’s too sour

Mix these ingredients together in food processor .

For pico de gallo recipe click here 

You can also make tacos out of it too , just instead of rice , get a tortilla shell , and assemble your tacos .

Pastries with Nut Fillings ( Kue Kacang Amandel )

When i was younger , my mom loved to take me to this local bakery , her favourite was pastry with nut filling . She always chose those one .. and i always ended up with sausage rolls . This particular pastry that she likes was called Kue Kacang Amandel in Indonesian . It is very nutty and it’s sweet and delicious .

The other day i thought about her , and i remembered her favourite snack and i thought why not trying it . I just gave it a try and glad that it turned out perfect . If she was still alive , she would have been so proud of me .

Pate a Choux w/ Vanilla Pastry Cream

The other day i was hungry for eclairs , without the chocolate ganache . For some reason , the ganache makes it too rich , although , you’ve seen eclairs that are sold in the bakery usually are covered with chocolate ganache . I prefer the ones without the ganache . The pate a choux itself is already yummy , the vanilla cream is sweet enough and it’s just perfect that way .

For the recipe please refer to here . The choux pastry itself is very versatile because depending on the fillings , you can serve it as a snack , appetizer or dessert .


Indonesian Meatballs with Quail Eggs

These meatballs are similar to the plain indonesian meatballs recipe , the only difference is that this one was filled with quail eggs . Back in Indonesia , aside from selling regular plain meatballs , they also sell these kind . They’re not hard to make , just boil some quail eggs , it has to be quail eggs , because they’re small enough to make the meatballs . I bought these eggs from korean market about a week ago , i never seen it in the regular american grocery . Quail eggs are also more expensive than regular chicken eggs , on top of that , they have a higher level of protein too . So if i were you i wouldn’t want to eat too much of these meatballs filled quail eggs .

These are the quail eggs that i bought from the korean market . Just bring water to boil , then drop in the eggs slowly and carefully into the boiling water , boil for 4 minutes . Then remove from the water . Peel and set it aside

Please check my recipe for to make the plain meatballs here . Then after making the meatballs , use about 1 heaping tbsp. of the meat mixture and flatten them up in the middle , and place 1 egg in there ,wrap it and roll with your palms to smooth the shape of the meatballs .They should turn out to be like this

Then , when you’re ready , bring water to boil gently , not rolling boil . Then drop the meatballs one by one , they should float once they’re done cooking. Add about 2-3 chicken bouillon cubes in the pot , and chopped green onions , salt and pepper to make the broth .Serve with noodles or rice .


Chinese Broccoli ( Gai Lan ) w/ oyster sauce

We were shopping at the korean market today when i ran across chinese broccoli , i remember my mom used to make chinese broccoli ( gai lan ) , except i don’t quite remember how it looks like . So i was happy when i ran across the vegetable and it said gai lan . I bought them , and cooked them for dinner . Turned out to be super yummy .. i miss this thing and looks like i’ll be buying more and more of this stuff everytime we make a trip to the korean market .

Direction : 

1 bunch of chinese broccoli

5 garlic cloves

1 inch of fresh ginger

3 tbsp. of oyster sauce

3/4 cup of vegetable or chicken broth

1 tbsp. of sugar

1 tbsp. of mirin

1. Wash the vegetable , just remove about 1/2 inch of the very end of the stems . Peel the garlic and smash not too hard , you want this still intact . Peel of ginger . Mix vegetable broth , oyster sauce , and salt , sugar and mirin , set aside .

2. Heat up oil in a large skillet , then toast garlic about 2 minutes until it’s light brown , add ginger , saute for 1 minute , then add the vegetable , turn it until it’s all covered with the oil . Then add the sauce mixture . And turn it around again . Cover for about 5 minutes .

3. It is done when the stems are easy to be poked with knife / pork . Remove the vegetables , add sesame oil into the rest of the sauce , and  you can make the sauce thicker or just leave it as it is .

Lunch Roll-ups

My son started his first day of school this past week . And i usually make his lunch to be sent to school , i used to deliver it to his school few minutes before lunch started , but since he started this year at a different school , and takes a little longer to get there , i have to figure out a way where i can give him a decent lunch meal still . To be honest with you , i don’t really care for the school lunch meal , i don’t think they would taste good , and not to mention , they’re just circling around pizza , hot dog , chicken fingers , hamburger , fries , etc .

So i came up with this roll ups idea , pinwheels or whatever you call them . It is super easy , you can use any kind of meat , with any kind of cheese and spread . All you need just tortilla flour , either corn flour , or white or wheat flour , it is your choice . So far i’ve used the white flour and it is pretty good . They only have 100 calories in 1 tortilla too , so it’s not too bad . It is full of flavor and it’s not bland at all .

For example you can use :

Pepperoni , turkey , ham , salami , prosciutto . Just the turkey and ham itself , you have endless choice , from honey turkey , mesquite turkey , brown sugar ham , maple ham , black forest ham , etc ..

For the cheese , you can always use from american cheese , or provolone , muenster , swiss cheese , colby jack .. any kind , your choice . My favourite i s muenster and provolone to go along with the spread and the meat .

As far as for the spread , you can use hummus , salsa , pesto . I usually make them all myself , Because store bought doesn’t taste as good , except for pesto , that depends on the season , in the summer we get lots of basil and you can make it yourself cheaper compared to buying a store bought pesto . Not to mention with hummus and salsa you can adjust the flavour yourself , whether you like it spicy , a real spicy or more garlic .. etc .

Now how to assemble it ..

Just lay the tortilla on a baking sheet , choose your spread , and then layer it with your choice of cheese , and sometimes before adding the meat i add sundried tomatoes ( i like this but my son doesn’t really care for it ) , and turn your oven to 350 F , and melt the cheese so it will stick to the tortilla and also to the meat you’re about to add . Melt it for about 5 minutes . And once it’s done , take it out and add the meat on top of the melted cheese , if you can handle it now , you can roll it , if not you can wait a minute or so . Lay seam side down .

Turkey salsa roll ups :

Flour tortilla + home made salsa + muenster cheese + honey turkey

Pesto ham roll ups :

Flour tortilla + basil pesto + sundried tomatoes + brown sugar ham

Flour tortilla + basil pesto + provolone cheese + honey turkey = pesto turkey roll ups