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Shish Kebabs

Yesterday we made shish kebabs , although it was still chilly outside , but we grilled anyway . I always enjoy this yummy dish . Easy to prepare and so quick to cook too . Actually there is no special ingredients in here , you can use any kind of meat and veggies or even fruits in the skewers to your preference . I love using chicken thighs , so it doesn’t get overcook easily like chicken breasts . And i also liked using either italian or bratwurst , i don’t quite enjoy the smoked sausage or kielbasa , because a lot of time , they’re too salty . I also like adding pineapple , because once they caramelize they get really sweet , the same goes with red bell pepper , compared to green bell pepper , red pepper is a lot sweeter when roasted .

I usually marinate my cut up chicken in a wine and sweet soy sauce mix , sprinkle with garlic and onion powder , let it sit for 20 minutes , before putting all ingredients in the skewers . The picture below shows , there is chicken , sausage , button mushroom , pineapple , red onion , red and green bell pepper . Before putting them on the grill , i added some more sweet soy sauce , the result .. is yummy !

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