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Lunch Roll-ups

My son started his first day of school this past week . And i usually make his lunch to be sent to school , i used to deliver it to his school few minutes before lunch started , but since he started this year at a different school , and takes a little longer to get there , i have to figure out a way where i can give him a decent lunch meal still . To be honest with you , i don’t really care for the school lunch meal , i don’t think they would taste good , and not to mention , they’re just circling around pizza , hot dog , chicken fingers , hamburger , fries , etc .

So i came up with this roll ups idea , pinwheels or whatever you call them . It is super easy , you can use any kind of meat , with any kind of cheese and spread . All you need just tortilla flour , either corn flour , or white or wheat flour , it is your choice . So far i’ve used the white flour and it is pretty good . They only have 100 calories in 1 tortilla too , so it’s not too bad . It is full of flavor and it’s not bland at all .

For example you can use :

Pepperoni , turkey , ham , salami , prosciutto . Just the turkey and ham itself , you have endless choice , from honey turkey , mesquite turkey , brown sugar ham , maple ham , black forest ham , etc ..

For the cheese , you can always use from american cheese , or provolone , muenster , swiss cheese , colby jack .. any kind , your choice . My favourite i s muenster and provolone to go along with the spread and the meat .

As far as for the spread , you can use hummus , salsa , pesto . I usually make them all myself , Because store bought doesn’t taste as good , except for pesto , that depends on the season , in the summer we get lots of basil and you can make it yourself cheaper compared to buying a store bought pesto . Not to mention with hummus and salsa you can adjust the flavour yourself , whether you like it spicy , a real spicy or more garlic .. etc .

Now how to assemble it ..

Just lay the tortilla on a baking sheet , choose your spread , and then layer it with your choice of cheese , and sometimes before adding the meat i add sundried tomatoes ( i like this but my son doesn’t really care for it ) , and turn your oven to 350 F , and melt the cheese so it will stick to the tortilla and also to the meat you’re about to add . Melt it for about 5 minutes . And once it’s done , take it out and add the meat on top of the melted cheese , if you can handle it now , you can roll it , if not you can wait a minute or so . Lay seam side down .

Turkey salsa roll ups :

Flour tortilla + home made salsa + muenster cheese + honey turkey

Pesto ham roll ups :

Flour tortilla + basil pesto + sundried tomatoes + brown sugar ham

Flour tortilla + basil pesto + provolone cheese + honey turkey = pesto turkey roll ups

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