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French Dip w/ Au Jus

One of our favorite restaurant we used to go back in Indiana has this yummy french dip , aside from their lemon rice soup . I myself never made french dip , but i figured it shouldn’t be too hard . Today i bought rump roast and planning on to make this dish . They should be easy , i found recipe online that uses slow cooker to cook it .. i thought — wonderful !! Slow cooker has been my best friend this week .. This recipe was super easy and it turns out pretty tasty !

Direction : 

4 lbs of rump roast , fat removed

1 can of beef broth

1 can of french onion soup

12 oz of beer , dark

1. Place everything in slow cooker . Cook on low for 7 hours , then take the meat out and slice them , put them back in the slow cooker .

2. Serve on toasted bun , top with mozzarella cheese , and au jus on the side .


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