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Flat Bread Mini Pizza

Flat bread pizza is really not hard to make , i like it , because the regular pizza gets too filling for me , big thick crust .. is really not my favourite . This recipe here is really easy and not only you can make them for pizza , you can also make it for crackers , or dip it in hummus , it’s good . Speaking of hummus .. i miss hummus !!!

You need :

1 3/4 cup of flour

1/2 tsp.

2 1/4 tsp.of active yeast

pinch of salt

herbs of your choice ( garlic powder , thyme , onion powder .. whatever .. or just leave it plain is alright too )

3/4 cup of water

1. In a large bowl , place all the dry ingredients together , then mix well .

2. Add the warm water into the flour mixture , mixing with wooden spoon or mixer , whatever you choose , it eventually forms a ball , then take it out and starts kneading . If it gets too sticky then add little flour . Keep kneading for 5 minutes until it becomes elastic . Let it sit in warm place , cover , for 1 hour to rise .

3. Take it out , then divide into 8 small balls and flatten with your hands to make your flat bread . Then heat up a skillet on medium heat , place 1 flat bread at a time , cook for 2 minutes , turn the other side , cook for 2 minutes , then remove . And start build your topping for pizza .

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