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Grilled Rib Eye Steak with Vegetables

I never grilled before , grilling is my husband’s area. He’s really good at grilling , but yesterday , was Father’s day and although i got him some present for Father’s day , i still wanted to make something for him . Something that i never done before , i made him a boston cream pie for the dessert , and i asked him if he would teach me how to grill . He said sure . So , while i was busy preparing the side dishes , which actually takes longer to cook than grilling the steak . I baked the potatoes , wrapped in foil for an hour , and then i sauteed our own home grown green beans with caramelized onion , and i roasted the brussel sprouts . All of these , took time , compared to grilling the steak .

My husband told me to season the steak , i’ve heard this a lot from watching cooking show , good steak doesn’t need to much of spices to complicate the flavor , all you need is a generous salt and pepper . So i seasoned the steak with kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper , and rubbed it all over the steak . Oh i also took the steak our an hour before grilling , to bring it down to room temperature .

Then it’s time to grill .. just place it on the grill , for 5 minutes undisturbed , the only thing was .. it started to smoke like crazy .. which means i could have burnt the steak instead of grilling it . LOL .. Get ready for water , i removed the steak to the side , and sprayed some water into the burner , thank goodness !!  Time to flip the steak , and grilled for 5 more minutes .

And now time to check , if the steak was done or not .. we like it slightly pink on the inside , not welldone but no raw . It has to be cooked well  , with slight pink inside , it can be juicy and delicious instead of dry steak , who likes dry steak . Yuck ..

So .. i grilled my rib eye steaks for father’s day to perfection !!  It was so juice and tender and little pink inside , just the way we want it  !!

grilled rib eye steak

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