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Light Wheat Pasta

Instead of whole wheat pasta , i tried making light wheat pasta . It is very similar in color with whole wheat pasta if not just a little bit lighter . It tastes good , as most of fresh pasta does . The only thing that i really don’t care in making light or whole wheat pasta is that the dough gets tough , i can’t put too much water in or else it would be too sticky and won’t be pliable .

Direction : 

2 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour

1 cup  of bread flour

4 eggs

1/2 tsp. of salt

2 tbsp. of water ( i ended up adding more .. it really depends on the humidity in your house , the less humid , the more water you need , the more humid your house is , the less water you need )

1. In a large mixer bowl , combine all ingredients , use a flat beater , and mix for 2 minutes on speed 2 , and then switch to dough hook and beat for 2 minutes on speed 2 . If the dough looks very crumbly and dry then add little water at a time until the dough somewhat comes together , try to press it with your hands / fingers , if they stay together then your dough is ready .

2. Use the pasta roller to make it thin all the way to number 5 , then switch to fettucine maker , and proceed as directed .


Here is our fresh pasta drying on the pasta hanger . I made it in the afternoon , about 5 hours later , they’re all totally drying pretty well . So after that i decided just to store them and used it the next day.

light wheat1

Pasta is dried and ready to be stored .

light wheat2

Fish Tacos California Style

I love fish tacos , but my family .. isn’t really big into fish tacos . We used to go to restaurant downtown to have fish taco for me and they have the tamales . After moving away from downtown , we barely made a trip there anymore since none of my husband and my son were big fans of fish tacos , it was only me . So , the venture began , to create a yummy fish tacos , since there was nothing to it . It is mainly battered fish being deep fried , just like making fish and chips . And the main thing was in the sauce , and salsa on a bed of cabbage .Just so you know , when they took a bite of these fish tacos , their eye were so big and they said ” THIS IS DELICIOUS !! ”

So here is the fish tacos recipe that i found online with here and there adjustment to my preference . The fish though , it’s really up to you , whether you make it with panko bread crumbs like i did , or you can use beer batter that i used for fish and chips recipe , it shouldn’t matter that much . Make sure you get good fish , i prefer something else other than Tilapia . I usually prefer cod fish , or halibut , but last night i used Mahi Mahi .And to make your job a lot easier , do the sauce and salsa ahead , whether in the morning or the day before , it makes it a lot quicker to fix dinner .

fish tacos

Direction : 

For fish :

1.5 lbs of mahi mahi or white fillet fish such as cod

1.5 cups of all purpose flour

2 eggs , beaten

1.5 cups of panko bread crumbs

1. Make 3 stations for all the ingredients , the flour , next to the egg and then panko bread crumbs . Cut the fish in strips about 1 ounce each , make sure you no bone and get rid of the skin of your fish . Then dredge the fish on the flour , dip in eggs and roll in the panko bread crumbs . In a hot oil , about 375 F , deep fry , about 4 minutes max under medium to low heat .Set aside on a paper towel lined plate and sprinkle with kosher salt .

For the Chipotle Mayo sauce , this makes a lot , you can always half the recipe too ( if u don’t have food processor , that’s fine too .. when i half the recipe , i put it in the bowl , mix together with spoon and fork .. works just fine ! )

1 cup of mayonaisse , i used hellman

1 cup of sour cream

4 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce and plus 2 tbsp. of the sauce , this usually comes in a can and find in international or mexican aisle , if you don’t like spicy cut it down to 2 peppers

1/2 lime juice

salt and pepper

1. In a food processor , pulse until peppers are creamy , then add mayo and sour cream and lime juice , salt pepper . Keep pulsing until it becomes very smooth and creamy . Store in the fridge .

For the Chile Mango Salsa :

2 ripe mangoes , diced small

1 red onion , diced small

1/2 bunch of cilantro , chopped

1 jalapeno , diced small

1/4 cup of olive oil

2 limes , peeled and add in the segments , and the juice

1 tbsp. of chili powder

1. Mix everything together , and chill

OR …

You can replace it with regular pico de galo : ( no picture but this is my to go recipe for quick easy pico de galo )

1/2 large red onion , chopped ,

bunch of cilantro , chopped

6 roma tomatoes , chopped

3 jalapeno , chopped

1-2 juice from limes

1/4 each cumin , chipotle chili powder

salt and pinch of sugar

Mix and chill

chile mango salsa

To serve :

Warm up corn tortillas , then add shredded red cabbage , place the fish on top , garnish with chopped green onions , top with chipotle mayo sauce , and add the mango chile salsa .

fish tacos2

If you don’t have red cabbage , that’s fine , if u don’t make mango salsa that’s fine too .. still looks good with lettuce and pico de galo .. check this out

fish tacos

Japanese Milk Bread

Milk bread , you’d think all country’s interpretation for milk bread is dough that is made with milk as major ingredients , right ? Well , though part of it is true , i guess the American way is the only way i knew how to make it . That is .. until i heard Japanese Milk Bread .. i thought what could be the difference ? Surely it’s about the same to make bread everywhere . I did my research , and the only thing that made it different is the water roux or it is called tang-zhong , a combination of water and bread flour , heated on the stove and then it gets very thick just like a glue and that becomes the water roux that will be added into the dough when making Japanese Milk Bread . The result was soft fluffy and springy bread , almost reminds you of a loaf of wonder bread , except without all the chemical and the preservatives they added in making those wonderful bread .

The recipe i found online was a bread machine recipe , you can’t go wrong with bread machine . Except , i changed it a little bit , because i don’t use bread machine , though i like bread machine , but i miss handling the dough with my hand , i really enjoy doing it , it’s almost like a relaxing time for me when i take my time kneading and creating bread . The rest .. the method that i used are about the same like most bread i make , warm up the milk to lukewarm , then melted and cooled the butter , beat the egg , and whatever needs to go in with the liquid , then the flour and make a well in the center and start stir it with wooden spoon .

japanese milk bread

Direction : 

To make the water roux :

1/3 cup of bread flour

1 cup of water

In a medium sauce pan , combine the water and bread flour . Heat on the stove under medium heat , and the mixture should be thicken really quick and once it gets thick , swirls should appear as you keep whisking this mixture , then remove and let it cool totally .

To make the bread dough :

Approx. 2 1/2 cup of bread flour ( i didn’t use full amount of bread flour , i mixed 1 1/2 cup of bread flour with more or so 1 cup of all purpose flour , i don’t always add in the flour in full amount when making bread dough , because you might end up with too dry of bread , if it’s too sticky you can always add more flour a little at a time , but if you put too much , you can’t do anything but end up with dry bread . The amount of flour it depends on how humid your place is too .. sometimes you need less sometimes you need more )

2 tsp. of active dry yeast

1/2 cup of warm milk , lukewarm

4 tbsp. of sugar

3 tbsp. of melted , slightly cooled butter

1/2 tsp. of salt

1 beaten egg

1/2 cup of water roux

1. In a large bowl , add the warm milk , beaten egg , salt , sugar , melted butter and water roux . Then add the flour and make a well in the center , add the yeast . Stir with wooden spoon , until you can’t stir anymore , then use your hands , add more flour if it’s way too sticky . Add little bit at a time . If you opt to use bread machine , just dump everything in order and select the dough cycle . If you opt to use mixer with dough hook , instead of stirring with wooden spoon , use the dough hook and watch , because the dough is sticky and you will be tempted to add more flour , and this could end up with a dry bread . My favorite choice would be the manual , using your hands .

2. Once the dough cleans up the side of the bowl , remove and start kneading by hand for 15 minutes . Or let the machine the mixer knead it for 10 minutes .

3. Lightly butter a big bowl , and place the dough in there and cover with plastic wrap , let it rise for an hour in a warm place . Then take it out , and divide into 4 equal size of balls .

4. Working on each ball , flatten them up with your hands or rolling pin , then fold into thirds , flip it and roll it out until smooth again , flip it again , and start rolling into a jelly roll style from the short end . And place in a parchment paper line loaf pan , seam side down . Do the same with the rest of the dough .

japanese milk bread dough1

5. Let it rise for 30 minutes in the oven . Preheat to 325 F and bake for 30 minutes . If the top gets too brown too quick , cover with foil half way through , brush with melted butter once it’s done .

japanese milk bread dough2

japanese milk bread2

Japanese Milk bread , look at this soft and fluffy bread .. 

jap milk bread

Champagne Sangria

This is recipe that i found on foodnetwork , i am not big of wine drinkers . In fact i don’t really drink wine , although i have some wine and liqour in my fridge , most of them are being used to cook or bake when needed . I don’t really care much about wine probably because i have sweet tooth and wine to me , isn’t sweet , they’re sour and sometimes it could be better .

The other day i decided to make sangria , all i know about it was , it’s mixed of wine with lots of fruits . I love fruits .. and so i happened to see this recipe for sangria and they’re incredibly easy to make . Just a little time to make the syrup and you’re ready for it .

My suggestion if you do have sweet tooth , just use all the amount mentioned for the syrup , but if you don’t really like it sweet , probably it will be best to cut down to half of the amount mentioned in the recipe . I myself think , that full amount was a little way too sweet , but our guests liked it that way 🙂



Direction : 

about 8 strawberries , quartered

1 lemon , sliced

1 lime , sliced

3/4 cup of orange juice

few sprigs of fresh mint leaves

2 cups of mint syrup ( 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of water and 1 cup packed mint leaves , cook until sugar dissolves , boil , then simmer for 5 minutes and let cool for 20 minutes )

1 bottle 750 ml of prosecco or french champagne

In a glass pitcher , add the fruits , then the orange juice , the syrup ( using a strainer you don’t want the ugly looking dark mint leaves in the drinks ) , and refrigerate until ready to serve . Then right before serving pour the prosecco , i actually found 2 cups of mint syrup a little bit too sweet , though i have sweet tooth , i ended up adding few glugs of riesling , since that’s the only one i had on hand . Serve with crushed ice or ice cube .