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Champagne Sangria

This is recipe that i found on foodnetwork , i am not big of wine drinkers . In fact i don’t really drink wine , although i have some wine and liqour in my fridge , most of them are being used to cook or bake when needed . I don’t really care much about wine probably because i have sweet tooth and wine to me , isn’t sweet , they’re sour and sometimes it could be better .

The other day i decided to make sangria , all i know about it was , it’s mixed of wine with lots of fruits . I love fruits .. and so i happened to see this recipe for sangria and they’re incredibly easy to make . Just a little time to make the syrup and you’re ready for it .

My suggestion if you do have sweet tooth , just use all the amount mentioned for the syrup , but if you don’t really like it sweet , probably it will be best to cut down to half of the amount mentioned in the recipe . I myself think , that full amount was a little way too sweet , but our guests liked it that way 🙂



Direction : 

about 8 strawberries , quartered

1 lemon , sliced

1 lime , sliced

3/4 cup of orange juice

few sprigs of fresh mint leaves

2 cups of mint syrup ( 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of water and 1 cup packed mint leaves , cook until sugar dissolves , boil , then simmer for 5 minutes and let cool for 20 minutes )

1 bottle 750 ml of prosecco or french champagne

In a glass pitcher , add the fruits , then the orange juice , the syrup ( using a strainer you don’t want the ugly looking dark mint leaves in the drinks ) , and refrigerate until ready to serve . Then right before serving pour the prosecco , i actually found 2 cups of mint syrup a little bit too sweet , though i have sweet tooth , i ended up adding few glugs of riesling , since that’s the only one i had on hand . Serve with crushed ice or ice cube .

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