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Fruit Tartlets

This afternoon i decided to make use of these strawberries we had in our fridge . It was cheap , i couldn’t help not to buy 3 pints of strawberries , only to wonder what else could i make with these strawberries !!! It was only $1.00 / pint , during winter month , who could’ve refused that ? Okay , it’s close to spring , but it was still cheap , even during summer months  you can’t get $1.00/pint at the grocery store , except at the farmer’s market . I remember early fall last year i got 8 pints of strawberries and it only cost ms $1.00 for all of them !!

Anyway , few days ago i also  bought the individual tart pan , maybe you call it tartlet pan , it came in 6 pans , and each was like 4 inch pan i believe . And , i thought why not using it . I can give some to my neighbours and keep the rest for ourselves too . So i ended up making the custard and the crust this afternoon and finished up with the products by late afternoon .

The recipe should be about the same with the classic fruit tart recipe that i had in this blog too . The only differences i made was , i didn’t put as many eggs as the recipe calls , in fact i only used 4 eggs , i thought even 3 eggs would have been enough to use . And i also used vanilla sugar , instead of just regular sugar , just because 😀 I used the vanilla sugar for the crust , the custard was using regular sugar .

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