Reviving my dormant starter ..

Last year in the spring , I thought , why not trying to dry the starter , just to see .. and incase anything happen to my starter , yeah it’s like insurance type a thing . Just incase . At the time I had no clue how to revive it .. all I cared was just having insurance incase anything happens to the starter .

So last spring after feeding Ben&Jerry , I spread some on thin layer on a parchment paper to dry . I think it took a day or something to totally dry , it depends how thin it is . But that’s all I did , at their peak time , I dried them . I then broke them apart n store them in the jar . My son saw it and he thought it was crackers …🤣🤣🤣

Fast forward we’re on 2020 isolation . And people are baking up a storm , especially sourdough . My husband mentioned hey it’s a great time to see how to revive those starter chips ..🤣

Sure I said , it was Easter Sunday . Got nothing else to do since we didn’t do our normal Easter cooking . We cooked but not much . So here’s the starter I dried last year .

Been staying in the kitchen cabinet for a year . Untouched , in the dark . Dormant ..power off

First step I just took out few chips out , crumbled it up . I suppose you can grind them into powder like but I didn’t . I just placed it in a glass and added tablespoon or two warm water . Let it sit and the chips should soften up and you can mash it up . Added little bit of flour .

I used spoon to mash it up after sitting in water for 15 minutes or so . Then added flour . Just another tablespoon

Later on that evening I started feeding it , equal water and flour . 10 grams water and 10 grams flour . Did it the next morning too . Hardly any bubble the first day , the next day I saw some . To be honest I hardly measured the feeding . I just eyeballed it . But try equal ratio at least .

About 18 hours after being revived . I started seeing very few bubbles . Good sign !

I fed basically twice a day with little flour and water . By Tuesday morning I saw more bubbles showing up overnight . And sweet smell .. very good sign !

Tuesday morning , so I fed it again . By noon I used some of these for making naan bread . I fed it again .

After the last feeding , it only took 4 hours before they doubled in size ! So basically they’re pretty much 100% power up ! Yay ☺️☺️

Within 4 hours after feeding . Doubled up . Great sign . It is indeed alive !

So that’s pretty much it . I’ll be using this for baking tomorrow . I’ll update how it turns out !

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