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Classic Fruit Tart

Made this fruit tart this afternoon , well actually was planning to make it last night , but didn’t have enough time , we got home quite late , and fixing dinner quite late . But late last night i decided to make the fillings for this wonderful classic fruit tart . Most of the tart i saw used cream cheese as its filling , which i don’t care so much about . I love the vanilla custard that i made for eclairs , and i decided to make that custard as the filling for my fruit tart . The crust was a lil different than regular pie crust , since this was supposed to be sweet crust , i also used egg yolks in the crust , instead of butter and flour , sugar only . The fruits that i used was strawberries , kiwis and blueberries . Love it !!! Very pretty and delicious !

For the crust :

1.5 cup of all purpose flour

1 stick and 4 tbsp. of unsalted butter

1 tsp. of salt

3/4 cup of sugar

3 egg yolks

In a food processor , mix together flour , sugar , salt . Cut the butter and add into the food processor , use the pulse to mix the butter and flour mixture until it resembles coarse meal . Add the egg yolks , use the pulse again , mix until the mixture holds together . And press the mixture into well greased 11 inch tart pan , all the way on the bottom and to the side up , freeze for 45 minutes and then bake at 400 F for about 20-22 minutes . Let it cool completely

For the vanilla custard

2 cups of milk

1/2 cup of sugar

2 tsp.vanilla extract or using vanilla beans

6 egg yolks

3 tbsp. cornstarch

In a small pot , add milk , sugar and vanilla extract / beans , cook under medium heat . Beat 6 egg yolks , add cornstarch until it becomes a paste , once the milk started to get warm , take 2 tbsp. out , and pour into the cornstarch and eggs mixture , beat well , add them back into the pot , keep whisking non stop , until mixture becomes thick , about 1 minute . Let it cool overnight or at least few hours , cover the surface with the plastic wrap .

For the fruit :

1 pint of strawberries , sliced

3 kiwis , sliced

blueberries , raspberries , whatever you like

Arrange the fruit on top of the custard filling to your preference . And glaze the top with apricot glaze .

For the glaze :

1/3 cup of apple jelly

2 tbsp. of water

cook until boiling , boil for 1 minute . Let it cool . Once it’s cool , use the brush to glaze the fruits .

Store the fruit tart in the fridge .

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