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Choux Pastry with Meat Filling ( kue sus isi ragout )

On my way home from the gym yesterday i thought about my mom , things that she often cooked for me when i was young . I remember she liked to cook ragout , i thought maybe i could always use ground chicken or turkey and the rest shouldn’t be too hard . It’s like making a pot pie filling , except it’s less rich . So , i grabbed what i needed , which was a package of lean ground turkey . My mom used to use ground beef for this , but in attempt to make it a little healthier for us , i chose ground turkey , lean one .

I made the choux pastry , just like normal , the way i make them for eclairs , or profitoles . Once it’s done ,i let it sit for few minutes , then cut them so i can add the fillings inside . I didn’t cut them all the way , just enough opening for the fillings .

Here is a recipe for the filling :

1 lb lean , ground turkey

1 onion , chopped

3 garlic cloves , minced

4-5 small carrots , or 3 medium carrots , chopped ( use food processor , will be quicker than chopping manually )

2 stalks of celery or green beans , chopped


salt pepper

1 cup of chicken broth

few tsp. of cornstach to thicken the sauce

1. In a skillet , heat vegetable oil , add the garlic , onion , saute for 2 minutes , add the rest of the vegetable saute for 5 minutes , add sugar , salt pepper , add the meat , nutmeg , add until meat is cooked well . Add the chicken broth a little at a time , keep stirring , add the cornstarch mixture ( mix cornstarch with water to make a paste ) , pour into the skillet while stirring , until sauce has thicken

For the choux pastry :

1 cup of water

1 stick of unsalted butter

3-4 eggs

2 tbsp. of sugar

1 tsp. of salt

1 cup of all purpose flour

1. In a small pot , add water , butter , salt and sugar , bring to boil . Add the flour all at once , stir until it’s all well mixed about 30 seconds ( remove from the heat while u do this ) put it back on the heat , stir for another 30 minutes to cook the flour

2. Pour the mixture into the mixer with paddle attachment , mix with high speed , add egg one at a time , sometimes u will need 4 eggs , but sometimes with 3 eggs it’s enough , as long as the batter will be falling off the paddle slowly , not too thin not too thick .

3. Drop a spoonful batter on to the parchment paper lined baking sheet , bake for 15 minutes at 425 F and turn down to 375 F , bake about 20 more minutes until it’s done . Do not open the door too often . .

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