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BLT Sandwich with Sunny Side Egg

It’s just one of those nights , where you don’t feel like cooking because you’re too tired , you had too much thing going on .. and too cold to go outside to dine out .. That’s my night , i took a break from cooking , and choosing to fix myself a real quick dinner . My husband already took the pizza for his dinner , and my son also had the leftover pizza , for me ? Although my son said he would share his 3 pizza with me , i just don’t feel like eating pizza . Basically i am bored of pizza .. LOL ..

What sounded good ? Well i had bacon , i had egg , lettuce , and tomatoes in my fridge , why not making myself some simple everyday american sandwich , BLT Sandwich .. except to make it more hearty i added egg , not scrambled , but sunny side egg , with runny egg yolk .. my favorite kind of egg . I roasted the tomatoes for a little bit in the oven , i just nuked the bacon , it would have been better frying them on the skillet , but i didn’t feel like having too much mess to clean due to the popping of the fat . And then i made sunny side egg . Washed the lettuce , and voila .. it’s all done .. Super easy ..

You need :

2-3 slices of fried bacon , save the fat if you’re frying them on the skillet , use the fat to fry the egg

enough lettuce , wash well , and torn

1 roma tomatoes , sliced , and sprinkled with olive oil , garlic , salt and pepper , bake at 375 F for 7 minutes


1 egg, fry with the bacon fat , about 2-3 minutes until the white is settled .

to assemble your sandwich

toast the bread , spread mayonaisse on 1 side of the bread , top with bacon , lettuce and the tomatoes , and top with the sunny side egg , sprinle with salt and pepper .

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