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Parmesan-Garlic Breadsticks

So , after making pizza dough 2 days ago , i had 2 balls of dough laying around . This morning i turned 1 into stromboli , and this afternoon while cooking dinner , i turned the other dough into breadsticks .Now if you don’t have the dough ready , it’ll take a while to make and honestly , it’s not worth it , because you’re worrying about what’s for dinner , and then you have your hands full in the kitchen making the bread dough for hours , well you have to make the dough then let it rise , and shaped it and let it rise again .. so of course that part takes a lot of time . Different story , if you have the dough ready few nights before , all you had to do just take it out shape it , and let’s work on it !!

I assume you already have the dough on hand , if you don’t , please check it out here

You need :

pizza dough

3 tbsp.melted unsalted butter

1/4 c. of grated parmesan cheese ( use food processor and pulse it )



1. Divide the dough into small balls , probably you will end up with 12 or 16 balls , you can make a large sticks or mini sticks , whatever you want . Then roll into rope , place on a parchment paper . Cover and place in a warm area and let it rise . About an hour .

2. Preheat oven to 400 F , and then brush the bread with melted butter . then sprinkle with parmesan cheese and little salt .Bake about 12-15 minutes .

3. Once it’s done , brush with little more butter , and then sprinkle with salt-garlic mixture . Serve .

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