Tofu Pickles

Browsed around Korean Food website ” Maangchi ” and i found this recipe . I like tofu , but i am not a big fan of anything pickled . Because in my opinon they’re way too sour . But looking at her recipe and her video , i thought dang .. it looks really yummy . Oh well who cares why not trying it . I happened to have 3 packages of firm tofu in my fridge , we went to korean market the other day .

This afternoon , i decided to try her recipe . It was easy , not hard at all , just took a little time to brown the tofu on all side . And simmering the brine for the tofu . But let me tell you the result is delicious and anybody that rejects this because they don’t like tofu , they have no clue what they’re missing !! The recipe ┬ácan be found on her website

tofu pickles

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