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My mom’s Beef Steak

When i was younger , this was one of my favourite dish , though she didn’t make it too often . But i always loved it when she cooked this beef steak . Indonesians don’t call this beef steak instead they called it Bistik . It does sound almost the same . Mom used to add the carrots in the pot itself to be cooked with the steak , but after cooking the steak for so long , the carrots become too mushy , and i don’t like mushy carrots . Mom also used to add hard boiled eggs , then we ate this dish with rice . Indonesians eat rice with everything , morning , day and night 🙂

Now , years and years later , i tried to figure out , what did she put in there . She always wanted to teach me how to cook , but i have always said no , i rejected the idea having to touch meat to cut meat , basically , to cook . I finally figured it out after a conversation with my aunt , the closest one to my mom . Turned out the dish was super easy , and it’s like you can cook this with a blind eye !! I don’t have an exact measurement for this recipe , but you just have to use your instinct . I serve it with home made potato chips , instead of rice , and i steamed the carrots , and i blanched the green beans . Or if you choose to cook the carrot in the steak , just add the last 10 minutes of cooking the steak , because you don’t want to cook those carrots for 1.5 hours !! Blanching green beans , meaning you boil the water , and cook the beans for 4-5 minutes , it’s that quick .

Direction :

1.5 lbs of sizzle steak

1 can ( 8oz ) tomato sauce

sweet soy sauce ( kecap manis ABC )

freshly grated nutmeg , or ground nutmeg

salt , pepper and sugar

2 tsp. vinegar


1. Slice the steak , about 1.5 inches. Then add vinegar , salt , pepper , sugar , nutmeg , and sweet soy sauce . Mix them well with your hands , place in the fridge , let it marinade for at least an hour or so .

2. In a pot , melt margarine , and then place the meat and it’s juices into the pot , add little more sweet soy sauce , and tomato sauce , at this point mix it , the mixture will be thick , then add little of hot water to make it a little runnier . If you don’t add water , it will be too tomato-ey . Which is not that good .. The sauce will be a little runny , and it will be reddish brown in color . Bring to boil , cover with lid , and simmer for 1.5 hours or until the beef is very tender . 10 minutes before you turn the heat off , add the carrots in .

3. Home made chips : slice potatoes thinly then deep fry . Blanched green beans :bring water to boil , then add green beans , cook for 5 minutes , take the beans out . Then make hard boiled eggs , bring water to boil , add eggs , cook for 12 minutes , remove and peel .

4. When you’re ready to serve , mix water and cornstarch , to make the sauce thicker . Serve with home made chips , eggs ( not pictured i forgot )  , carrots and green beans with the beef .



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