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Garlic Ginger Chicken Soup

A few months ago i’ve tried a korean recipe called Samgyetang , which means , Ginseng Chicken Soup . You see , ginseng is not something that is cheap , i tried the recipe and they’re delicious . The hens that i used , wasn’t the problem , the expensive stuff is the ginseng , i believed it was almost $10.00 for barely any weight there .

So , i came up with this version of chicken soup , i can’t really say this can replace ginseng chicken soup , no , but this of course different ingredients , and different taste . Who can compare ginger and ginseng ? Even the price is like heaven and earth .. LOL . This is a great alternative for budget friendly meal . My 7 years old loves this , and american husband loves this too . And i love making it , because it’s super easy !

Direction : 

Cornish hens ( depends how many people in your family , i have 3 people in mind , so i usually buy 2 , 1 for my husband , and then my little one can share with me , but i am sure as he gets older , i will have to buy 1 just for himself )

2 garlic cloves for each cornish hens

1 dried date for each cornish hens

1 inch of ginger for each cornish hens

About 1/4 cup of rice ( or sweet rice whatever you want ) for each cornish hens

1. Wash and pat dry the cornish hens inside outside with paper towel . And then stuff the garlic , ginger , date , and rice into the cavity .

2. Place the chicken in a pot ( i use earthen ware that i bought from korean market ) , then add water to submerge the chicken . Bring to boil , and scoop any floating bubbles / fat , and discard those  . Simmer for a good hour , the cornish hens should be very tender by then .

3. Sprinkle with little sesame oil and chopped green onion . Serve warm !

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