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Indonesian Chicken Satay ( Sate Ayam )

Chicken Satay , as in Sate Ayam in indonesian is one of the famous dish . I think everyone like sate ayam , and they’re widely available . We didn’t even have to bother to make this , since it’s a bit time consuming . Dicing the chicken , then put them in skewer , then grinding the nuts into paste . Well , lucky us , we had street vendors to do that all the time . Every night around dinner time , you would hear sate cart all over and all you have to do just listen and if you want to buy then just call them , they’ll grill it in front of your house , 10-15 minutes later , it’s done and time to pay them . You got your dinner ready .

Well .. i haven’t had sate ayam for years and years , for reason that it’s time consuming , and i couldn’t find raw peanuts everywhere . But ever since we moved down south , raw peanuts are pretty much easy to find in regular grocery store , i don’t even have to go to asian market for this . So this is my version of sate ayam , it’s quite easy , simple , just a bit time consuming with the chicken and the skewers , but trust me it’s totally worth the time 🙂

sate ayam


Direction : 

Boneless chicken breast or chicken thigh , diced set aside

Skewers , soak in cold water for an hour or so

5 garlic cloves , minced

4 large shallots , minced

2 cups of raw peanuts , then roasted on a skillet

salt and sugar

sweet soy sauce

1. Prep the skewers by soaking it in water for an hour or so , diced the chicken , set aside and refrigerate it while you prepare the peanut sauce .

2. For peanut sauce , heat up oil in a skillet , then add garlic and shallots together , stir fry for few minutes , then add 2 cups of ground peanuts into the skillet , mix , then add about 2 cups water , i started with 1.5 cups and i added more as i go along . You might end up adding more than just 2 cups , the consistency should not be too thick or too thin . Then add little of soy sauce , adjust the salt , and the sweetness . If you need it sweeter than add sweet soy sauce .Set aside .

3. Go back to the chicken , and put the chicken into the skewers .

4. In a plate , add about 3/4 cup of the peanut sauce you just made , add more sweet soy sauce if you prefer , then coat the chicken sate with this sauce , then grill until it’s cooked . Discard the sauce from this plate .

5. Once the sate is cooked and done , serve with peanut sauce you made earlier ( not the one you used before grilling .. that HAS to be discarded ) , with sliced shallots , rice or indonesian rice cake , and cucumber . If you like it spicy , just add chopped chilis .

sate ayam1

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