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Chicken Curry with Peppers and Cabbage

This recipe was super easy and really , basically everyone can make this .. As long as you have a little time to chop some veggies and the meat , then you’ll be ready to go . Either you can put it in the slow cooker , or you can cook it on a stove , doesn’t really matter . Both works fine with me . I actually found the recipe online not too long ago , super easy and quick . Next time i make it , i am thinking about throwing in potatoes , peas and carrots along with the bell peppers and skip the cabbage altogether . Being super easy like this , i didn’t expect it to be pretty close to the authentic curry from the thai restaurant . But i was wrong , it was close enough .. and i was very happy with the result . So here we go .. all you need is in this picture below :



Direction :

2 cans of coconut milk

1 small jar of red curry paste

1 small yellow onion , roughly chopped

2 cloves of garlic , minced

1 red and green bell pepper , roughly chopped

1/2 head of cabbage , roughly chopped

Or you can replace the cabbage with potatoes , and then add some peas and diced carrots

2 lbs of skinless and boneless chicken thighs or chicken breasts ( i prefer thighs )

1. In a slow cooker , mix the coconut milk with 3 TBSP. heaping curry paste .

2. Dump all the rest of ingredients in the slow cooker and stir to combine . Cover and cook on high for 4 hours .

If you’re using the stove method , i would do this :

– Heat few tbsp. of vegetable oil on the pot , then add the 3 tbsp. heaping red curry paste and saute for about a minute , then add the chicken ( cut up into bite size or strips ) , add the vegetables in , and the coconut milk . Stir to combine , bring to a boil ┬áthen cook on low until the chicken is done . Probably not going to be more than 30 minutes , esp. if the chicken is cut up into bite size .Serve warm with rice

chicken curry

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