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Pastel Goreng ( Indonesian Empanadas )

Pastel Goreng is Indonesian snack , i used to eat this a lot when i was younger . Mom never made it herself though , we used to stop by at this one restaurant , and bought it from them . They’re delicious , now that i think about it .. it is similar to Empanadas , not so much similar to Calzone , because Calzone is using bread dough , while empanadas , has a crust almost like pie crust , similar to Pastel Goreng . The filling though is totally different , but then again you are free to use any fillings you want to . I used chicken , carrots , peas , green beans and rice vermicelli ( if i happen to have it on hand ) . This time i didn’t have rice vermicelli on hand , so i skipped it .

As for the wrapper , it would have been a lot easier and saving so much time if i had pasta maker , since i didn’t have one , i just used rolling pin and rolled it as thin as i can and cutting it using a small bowl . Not as bad as i thought it would be , so i am pretty happy with the result 🙂

These are the pastels before they’re being deep fried :

For the wrapper , you need : 

300 grams of all purpose flour

25 grams cornstartch

25 grams rice flour / powder

salt and pepper

1 beaten egg

50 grams of melted margarine

100 ml. of water

1.In a large bowl , mix dry ingredients together . Set aside . In a small bowl , mix the water , egg and the margarine .

2. Make a well in the center and pour the wet ingredients into the well , mix it with wooden spoon , and finish up with your hands . Knead it until it becomes a smooth ball .

3. If you have pasta maker , use it , if you don’t , divide the dough into 3 or 4 small balls , and then roll it out with your rolling pin , until it’s very thin where you can see your fingers when you lift up the dough , but not too thin where it might tear . It needs to be strong enough to be folded .Cut the dough about 10 cm diameter circle , and then add your fillings . Shape just like the picture .

For filling , you need :

1/2 lb of ground chicken

1/4 lb of chopped shrimp

2 large eggs , diced small

green beans

boiled potatoes , diced small



chicken cube


salt and pepper


shallots and garlic


1. In a skillet , heat up vegetable oil , add shallots and garlic ( chopped , minced ) , then add green beans and carrots ( also chopped well ) , and then add chicken , cook until no more pink .

2. Add chicken cube , frozen peas and mix well .

3. Add little flour , about 1 tbsp. and cook for about 1 minute , then add water or milk , it should thicken up really well . Simmer for a little bit , you don’t want it to be too dry . It needs to be a little moist .

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