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Perkedel Daging

My mom used to make this a lot when she was still alive , i’ve watched her , i’ve helped her , but never really made them myself until today . It is perkedel daging , made from potatoes that were fried , then mashed . Some families , such as mine , like to add ground beef in there to make it more hearty , and therefore , you can just eat them with rice , nothing else , and you’ll full already ! Or it can be just potatoes , without any meat added , and it can be a side dish . Either way with meat or not , it is delicious , eaten alone as a snack or with rice . Whatever you want .

You need :

4-5 large potatoes , i used yukon gold potatoes , diced

vegetable oil

1/4 lb of extra lean ground beef

ground nutmeg

salt and pepper

fried shallot ( optional )

1. Heat up the oil , .once it’s hot , drop your potatoes in the oil carefully , and cook until they’re golden brown . Remove and drain from the oil using paper towel , do the same with the rest of the potatoes .

2. Once the potatoes cool a little bit , smash it with potato smasher or food processor , then add 2 egg yolks ,salt , pepper , nutmeg , and mix it , taste it , make sure you have enough spices , then add your ground beef , mix well , and shape into ball and flatten it , do the same with the rest of mixture .

3. Drop into the vegetable oil again and cook until it’s golden brown .

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